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Medical English games/ photocopiables page now properly organised

One of my most popular pages, for some reason. Let’s hope now it’s working properly it regains that position… Medical English communication games/ classroom materials Click on the Communication Games/ Worksheets link under the photo above for details of more … Continue reading

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Free Medical English classroom handouts

As I can’t post any new worksheets until my technical problems are sorted out, going to polish up my old worksheet pages instead. Not much new on this worksheet page of mine, but have cleared up the instructions, got rid … Continue reading

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New Technical and Medical English worksheets

Some originally written for Onestopenglish but went missing during an editor change, so now available here for free: Technical English worksheets Medical English games/ worksheets

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New EFL handouts Feb 2010 Part Two

Prepositions and body part mimes Comparative and superlative plus adverb Speaking Health problems mimes Writing reviews in English- Harry Potter Words often used in newspaper headlines Webquest Reading in English discussion questions

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Medical and pharmaceutical worksheets

Now all updated to include PDF and Word versions, and available here. Feedback on these worksheets and links to other good ones (or even hints on other good activities from books) always welcome in the comments here or by email.

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Numerous number games

Might just be the physics graduate in me coming out, but I seem to find myself teaching numbers in my classes all the time- be it shouting “seven Eight NIne TEEEEEEN!” at the top of my voice in my kindy classes … Continue reading

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New TEFL Articles and Worksheets April 2008

Hopefully it’s just Mayday bank holiday rather than my lack of effort TEFLtasticwise recently that has seen a sudden drop in my number of views, but if only to make myself feel better I thought I’d give a list of … Continue reading

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Medical English vocabulary builder


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