Business negotiations Second conditional

Market Leader Intermediate New Edition Units 1 to 11

Choose one of the sentences below and write down whether you think your partner will accept the offer (YES) or reject it (NO). Then ask them the question to check, discussing the reasons for their answers if you like.  

  • If I lent you my reliable and well-made laptop for a couple of weeks, would you let me use your more stylish one for my big presentation?
  • Would you publically endorse our new brand of cigarettes if I offered you $1000?
  • Would you go to New York for two days of meetings in my place if I paid for your upgrade to business class?
  • If I arranged for a newly washed and pressed uniform to be left in your office every morning, would you wear it instead of your own business clothes?


Useful language



“(That) sounds okay/ acceptable./ That would be possible. (As long as…)”

“I accept your proposal.”

“I think I could agree to that.”

“You’ve got a deal.”

“Sounds great. Where do I sign?”

“I’m not sure about that.”

“That’s more/ less than I would usually…”

“That would be difficult.”

“I’m afraid I can’t agree to that.”


Do the same, but adding the grammar to the questions below.

________ (you give) me a lift to the office every day, if ________ (I arrange) for you to get your own reserved parking space at work,?

If ______________ (I give) you a position with a better job title, ___________ (you move) to a smaller subsidiary/ division/ branch/ office?

_______ (you make) me your deputy if _______ (I help) you get a promotion? 

If _____________ (you get) your own office, ______________ (you vote) for hot-desking for the rest of the department/ section?

If _____________ (I help) get your enemies demoted, would you give me one of their jobs?

______________ (you pay) me 5% of your wages if __________ (I save) you from being made redundant?

Continue with your own ideas.

Which of the deals that you talked about would be unethical, do you think?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Business negotiations Second conditional

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