Guess Who Wrote It

Challenges 1 Module 2  

PDF version for easy saving and printing: Guess Who Wrote It

How are things? ______________________________________________
I think that __________________________ is easy
I’m into _____________________________________________________
I don’t eat ______________ and I don’t drink _____________________
My favourite food is _____________________________________________
My father’s hobby is _________________________________________
I think that ______________________ is really difficult
My mother’s friends are _____________________
I think that _____________________ is great
My _________________ class is easy
I ____________________ skateboarding
I _______________________ badminton
I think that __________________ is horrible
How are your English classes at school? ____________________
I ______________________ text messages
I ___________________ amusement parks
I ____________________ running
I think David Beckham’s clothes are _____________________
I think tattoos are ____________________________
I think men with ponytails are ________________________
I ____________________ act
I __________________________ pottery
I ______________________________ gymnastics
I think spiders are _________________________
I have ________________ a frog
I want to ______________________ snake
My parents’ bedroom is _______________________
My family’s bathroom is ________________________
I _________________________ Italian food
I ______________________________ Mexican food
I ______________________ Japanese food
I think that the best Australian animal is a ________________

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