Starting and ending emails games/ worksheets

Worksheets just about opening and closing emails (greetings, first lines and final sentences)

Closing lines for different kinds of emails

Opening and closing formal and informal emails jigsaw game

Opening and closing emails brainstorm and match formal and informal phrases (a simpler but less fun version of the worksheet above)

Use the starting and ending emails phrases

Opening and closing emails which phrase is more common? (to stop students using rare and old fashioned phrases)

Opening and closing emails phrases The same or different (with typical confusions)

Opening or closing emails game (listening and trying to spot which are which – a bit easy, but a good warmer)

Worksheets mainly about opening and closing emails

Emailing Differences in meaning and formality – NEW

Classify, rank and remember the email phrases

Match the beginnings and endings of email phrases

Use and continue the common emailing phrases

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