Likes and dislikes and countable/ uncountable practice

Time to Talk Purple (S) Units 11 and 12 

Ask your partner about their feelings about hobbies, foods, clothes, etc using “How do you feel about…?” and use the information in their answer to guess something about their possessions, including how many or how much.

Student A Student B

How do you feel about








I love…

I really like…

I like…

I don’t mind….

I don’t really like…

I don’t like…

I really don’t like…

I hate…



I think you






a lot of/ many


a few/ not much

very few/ very little

a couple of

one or two

a/ an/ one

no/ not any





in your home

in your pocket

in your bag

in your desk

on your phone

on your PC

in your…

on your…


That’s exactly right.

Nearly right, but I have…

Actually, I have…

Find amounts above which go with uncountable nouns like “flour” and “Sellotape”, ones which can be answers to “How much…?” (and aren’t answers to “How many…?” and don’t take “…s”).

Play the game the other way around, asking “How many/ much… do you have?” and then guessing “I think you love/ really like/ don’t mind/ don’t really like/ don’t like/ really don’t like/ hate…”


PDF for easy saving and printing: likes and dislikes and countable uncountable nouns

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