Travel, transport and holidays vocabulary and IELTS Speaking

IELTS Graduation Unit 6

Do the following pairs of words and expressions have the same or different meanings? If they are different, how?

A bus/ A coach

A day off/ A holiday

A package tourist/ An independent traveller

A weekend off/ A weekend away

A weekend/ A long weekend

A public holiday/ A Bank Holiday

The underground/ The Tube/ The subway

Speed cameras/ Security cameras

Fare/ Fee/ Fine

Rush hour/ Off-peak

Bike/ Bicycle

Biker/ Cyclist

Petrol/ Gas/ Gasoline

Tyre/ Tire

Budget airlines/ Low-cost airlines

Traffic jams/ Congestion

Carbon emissions/ CO2 emissions

Road accidents/ Car crashes

Tram/ Streetcar

Environmentally friendly tourism/ Ecotourism

Luxury hotels/ 5 star hotels

Tourists/ Holidaymakers

A year off/ A gap year

To trip/ To take a trip

Railcard/ Season ticket

Youth hostel/ B and B

Car hire/ Rentacar/ Car rental

Seasickness/ Car sickness/ Travel sickness/ Motion sickness

Ferry/ Boat/ Ship

A sign/ A signature

To book/ To reserve

Domestic flights/ Internal air travel

Railway network/ Railway system

Canal/ River/ Stream

Walking/ On foot

Air pocket/ Turbulence

Single ticket/ One way ticket

Sightseeing bus/ Hop on hop off bus

Package tour/ Guided tour

Cheque/ Travellers’ cheque

Injections/ Vaccinations

Souvenirs/ Handicrafts

Lorry/ Truck

Minibus/ Van

Ask your partner questions using the vocabulary above

Take turns asking each other questions from the list below:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of coaches and trains?

Which is usually better, buying a package holiday or independent travel? Why do you say that?

How do you usually spend your days off?

Do you have any plans for your next holiday?

How did you spend your holidays when you were a child?

Do you prefer to have lots of long weekends or to have fewer longer holidays?

What is the best place in your country for a weekend away?

Do most people in your country support the use of speed cameras? Why/ why not?

Are there too many or too few public holidays in your country? Why do you have that opinion?

Could the government do more to deal with the problems of rush hour in your city?

Do you think fares in your country are fair? Why do you say that?

Which questions above are likely to be in Speaking Part One and which in Speaking Part Three?

Which parts of the questions above are likely to be used in IELTS Speaking questions?

Make other questions about transport, travel and holidays with the same questions.

Make other questions about the same topics, for example using the question starters below

Use the sentence stems below to ask them first Part One-style questions for a minute or two, then Part Three-style questions for three minutes on the topic of transport, travel and holidays (you can use the vocabulary above if you like, but you don’t need to)

Part One-style questions

How often do you…?

Do you often…?

Is there … in your city/ country? What do you think about it? Why?

Do you prefer… or…?

When you were a child…?

When will you next…?

Part Three-style questions

What do you think about…?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of…?

In your opinion,…?

Is it better to… or…? Why?


Would you say that…?

In the future,…?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Travel transport and holidays

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