IELTS Masterclass Unit 14 vocabulary and speaking- Hyperpolyglots

Match up the collocations from the text below:

poly                                                            ease

belatedly come                                         by trauma

remarkable                                              the term

brought him into contact                        with

immediately                                                        recognized

coin                                                            glot

cognitive                                                   endowment

impaired                                                   across

upper                                                         out

ordinary                                                    recently

until                                                          folks

greeted                                                     whether

absolutely                                                on this question

point                                                          limits

divided                                                      preposterous

doubt                                                         with scepticism

the capacity                                              this aim

see no                                                                   to

a huge                                                       to

there is no limit                                       number of

get enough exposure                               reason why

cites the case                                            talent

special                                                       of

special                                                       qualities

achieving                                                  to

significant                                                talent

average                                                     insights

mediocre                                                   IQ

verbal                                                                   memory

inborn                                                       component

genetic                                                       role

particularly                                             view

retreated from public                              frustrating

fascinating                                               student

Look at the text and check your answers

Which expressions below are specifically about language? Make sentence with those expressions (either about hyperpolyglots or any other subject connected to language).


Working with your partner, speak about hyperpolyglots for as long as you can, for example by using the phrases above


Try again with a different partner, this time without looking at the phrases above


PDF version for easy saving and printing: IELTS Masterclass Unit 14 vocabulary and speaking

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