False friends in Japanese and English contrasting practice

Choose a word below which you know the meaning of in both English and Japanese. All of them have slightly or very different meanings. Explain the two meanings without saying the word. Can your partner guess which word you are talking about? 

Useful phrases for contrasting

The meanings in English and Japanese are completely different/ almost completely different/ very different/ fairly different/ fairly similar/ very similar/ only slightly different/ almost the same/ basically the same.

The main/ biggest/ most important difference between… and… is…

In English it means… In contrast/ whereas/ but/ while/ whilst…

accent                              anime                               April Fool                                       babysitter

bargain              bike                                   billiards                                          BS

cameraman                     charming                         cider                                               claim

cloak                                 consent                            cosplay                            Christian name

cunning                           depart                               diary                                               driveway

dubbing                           escape               even                                               father

film                                    flooring              freshman                                       front

gorgeous                         handle               hibachi                             hip

hostess                            Indian                               jar                                                    jumper

kilo                                    kiosk                                 knob                                               lift

lip                                      lorry                                  machine                                        mail

man to man                     manicure                         mansion                                        memo

mood(y)                            mushroom                       nine one one                                open car

pill                                     pine                                  pitcher                              potato

reform                               rinse                                 rucksack                                        rugger

salaryman                       scarf                                 seal                                                 service

share                                sign                                  sister                                               smart

sofa                                  spell (n)                            stamp                                             stove

style                                  super                                surf (n)                             sweet potato

Swiss                               talent                                tenant                                             terrace

text                                    Thai                                  tobacco                                          trainer(s)


Ask about anything above which you can’t understand.


Contrasting language presentation

Without looking above, brainstorm suitable words into the gaps below. Words not on the previous page might also be possible.  

The meanings in English and Japanese are ______________________________different.

The meanings in English and Japanese are _______________________________similar.

The meanings in English and Japanese are _____________________________the same.

The __________________________________________difference between… and… is…

In English it means… ___________________________________ in Japanese it means…

Check with the previous page. Other answers might be possible.

PDF version for easy saving and printing: false friends in Japanese and English contrasting practice