IELTS Masterclass history vocabulary

Match the following words and phrases to the Moche civilisation described on page 154, your own country’s history, and/ or other ancient civilisations such as the Romans, Egyptians or Mongols
well over a hundred feet tall
so heavily eroded that they look like natural hills
mud bricks
murals depicting both secular and sacred scenes
elaborate tombs
extensive system of aqueducts
tame their desert environment
unearthed fabulous pottery and jewellery
pioneers of metal-working techniques like gilding and soldering
intricate artefacts/ inlaid with gold and precious stones
written record
ritually sacrificed/ human sacrifice
harsh environment
elaborate set of rituals
exceptionally wet weather/ torrential rain
severe drought
engulfed by sand dunes
double whammy
climate disaster/ climate catastrophe/ natural disaster
wiped out/ demise/ collapse
military artefacts
fatally weakened
claim authority
clan groups
civil war
epic account


PDF for easy saving and printing:IELTS Masterclass history vocabulary

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2 Responses to IELTS Masterclass history vocabulary

  1. Olga says:

    Could you please give the title of the book which is refrred to here? Thnak you.

  2. alexcase says:

    IELTS Masterclass (it’s in the title of the worksheet)

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