Adjectives Compare Your Weekends

Landmark Advanced Unit 4

Compare your weekends and find out who had one which is described by some of the adjectives below. Choose any adjective, decide who it refers to by describing your week and asking questions, then move on to another one.

more routine/ the most routine

shorter/ the shortest

longer/ the longest

cheaper/ the cheapest

quieter/ the quietest

more expensive/ the most expensive

more romantic/ the most romantic

more interesting/ the most interesting

more exciting/ the most exciting

more varied/ the most varied

more unusual/ the most unusual

stranger/ the strangest

more boring/ the most boring

busier/ the busiest

better/ the best

worse/ the worst

spent further away from home/ the furthest away from home

more tiring/ the most tiring

more stressful/ the most stressful

more relaxing/ the most relaxing

more productive/ the most productive

healthier/ the healthiest

more dangerous/ the most dangerous

Discuss the last adjective as a class.

Have you ever been in any dangerous situations, e.g. a near miss?

Brainstorm near miss situations that normal people may be in and then listen to the recording and say which of them you think it is.

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