Jobs mini-presentations

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 5


Choose one of the jobs below and give a one or two minute presentation saying why they should give you that job (you can make up as much as you like). One other person in your group will then do a similar presentation for the same job, and the other person or people will choose which person will be employed.

PA                                                    Solicitor

Barrister                                                        Receptionist

Shop assistant                                Bouncer

Nanny                                              Au pair

Babysitter                                        Office worker

GP                                                   Masseur

Midwife                                            Newsreader

Cameraman                                    Photographer

MP/ senator                                     Vet

Kitchen hand                                   Cycle courier

Bell boy/ porter                                Chambermaid

Estate agent (= Real estate agent = Realtor)

Psychologist                                   Psychiatrist

Private detective                             Care worker

Television presenter                        Thatcher

Busker/ street performer                Fishmonger

Priest                                               Data entry clerk

Caretaker (= Janitor)

What information could you include in such a presentation?


Which of that information would you include in a written job application?


Which of that information would go in your CV (= curriculum vitae = résumé), and which would go in the cover letter (= job application letter)?


Check the example cover letter on page 56. Which information does it have in it? Do you think it is a good example of a typical cover letter?


PDF for easy saving and printing: GiveMeAJobMiniPresentations

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