Feelings past continuous guessing (Extreme adjectives)

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Old Edition Unit 5 page 43 


 Mime some of the adjectives below. Make sure you have finished before your partner guesses so that the Past Continuous is the correct tense.


Choose one of the feelings below and say what you saw that made you think your (imaginary) colleague was feeling that way, e.g. “She was spinning a pen round and round between her fingers”. Your partners should try to guess what adjective you are thinking off, e.g. “Was she feeling stressed?” If they are wrong, give them another clue, e.g. “I don’t think so. She was also staring out of the window.”

(Note that the adjectives on one line have similar meanings but they are not usually exactly the same. If you think the adjective your partner has guessed does not have exactly the same meaning as the one you are thinking of, just tell them that they are close to the real answer.)

She was feeling romantic
She was feeling broken hearted
She was feeling surprised/ astonished
She was feeling hungry/ starving
She was feeling angry/ infuriated/ furious
She was feeling irritated/ annoyed
She was warm/ hot/ boiling
She was feeling chilly/ cold/ freezing
She was feeling sad/ melancholy/ miserable/ depressed
She was feeling upset/ tearful
She was feeling tired/ fatigued/ exhausted
She was feeling excited/ thrilled
She was feeling shocked/ astounded/ astonished
She was feeling skeptical/ doubtful/ disbelieving
She was feeling embarrassed
She was feeling shy
She was feeling happy/ cheerful/ ecstatic/ pleased/ delighted
She was feeling peaceful/ tranquil
She was feeling confused/ mystified/ perplexed/ puzzled/ baffled
She was feeling nauseous/ sick
She was feeling nervous/ anxious
She was feeling energetic/ lively
She was feeling frightened/ scared/ afraid/ petrified
She was feeling full/ stuffed
She was feeling dizzy
She was feeling indecisive
She was feeling thoughtful/ pensive
She was feeling relieved
She was feeling bored
She was feeling in a panic
She was feeling relaxed
She was feeling amused
She was feeling hung-over
She was feeling impatient
She was feeling impressed
She was feeling distracted
She was feeling disappointed
She was feeling lonely
She was feeling drunk/ tipsy/ wasted
She was feeling stressed/ tense

Discussion questions
What physical signs can give you clues how people feel, for example while you are giving a presentation?
What are the visible signs of stress?
What are the invisible symptoms?
What are the best ways of coping with stress?

Language work
Where the adjectives in one line don’t have exactly the same meanings,  what are the differences?

Which adjectives mean “very” plus another adjective on the same line?

Which adjectives above are extreme adjectives (cannot be used with “very”, “more” or “-ed”)?

Which adjectives above are opposites?


PDF version for easy printing: FeelingsPastContGuessing

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