Opinions about design

Brainstorm phrases you could use to do these things:

Strong opinions


Weak opinions


Strong agreement


Weak agreement


Polite disagreement


Strong disagreement


Use similar language to discuss some of the statements below

 For most people nowadays, the brand name is more important than the design

 Design is more important than function nowadays

 Design is the main reason why Japanese electronics companies are past their best

 Japanese designers should be more well known overseas

 Japanese schools don’t produce enough designers/ creative people

 No designer ever really changed the world

 Good design is universal

 What you think is good design depends mainly on your culture/ personality/ age/ income

 _______________ people have no sense of style

 The modern obsession with design is bad for the environment

 Apple products are all style and no substance

 Japanese cars are still generally less attractive than foreign ones

 Young Japanese people don’t appreciate traditional Japanese design

 Modern Western design has made my country’s traditional design nearly disappear

 Most people buy designer goods to show off their wealth, not because they appreciate the style

 Japanese companies will never produce goods that are the most stylish in the world, so they should just concentrate on making products that are technically the best

 Japanese products not leading the world in style is due to education/ companies not taking risks/ Japanese consumers

What language can you add to statements to show that you aren’t sure?

What language can you add to make statements softer?

What language can you add to make statements stronger?

Choose one of the statements above and add language to make a sentence you totally agree with.

Write a statement about one of these topics, including language to show how weak or strong your opinion is.

• Japanese design

• Japanese stamps

• British design

• The best country for design

• Good design

• Bad design

• Modern and older design

• The future of design

Brainstorm things to be included on a list of classic Japanese designs, using the brainstorming stages from last week if you like.


PDF version for easy printing: Opinions about design

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