Business meetings games, worksheets and e-book

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Meetings e-book

Teaching Meetings: Interactive Classroom Activities Second Edition (over 300 pages on starting and ending meetings, chairing, smoothly moving between topics, turn taking, etc) – NEW EDITION

List of useful meetings phrases (for students and teachers)

The 100 most useful phrases for business meetings

Chairing a meeting worksheets/ Controlling a meeting worksheets

Chairing a meeting functions review

Chairing a meeting roleplays

Moving on/ changing topics in a meeting card games (with a big list of possible agenda points to discuss)

Starting meetings and interrupting

Talking about meetings interrupting

Meetings on specific topics/ for specific language points

Time expressions roleplay meeting (times, dates, etc, with prepositions of time presentation)

Business meetings on festivals and celebrations (starting with discussion of office rules around Xmas)

Comparative adjectives roleplay meeting

Present Simple and Continuous meetings on the topic of brands

Meetings on the topic of food and drink and business entertaining

Meetings on the topic of travel (with travel collocations)

Meetings on the topic of problems (with adjective opposites)

Company buffet business meetings

Food business brainstorming meeting

Present Perfect for progress check meetings

Mini brainstorming meetings

Mini meetings about brands

Mini meetings about cultural differences

Gender roles case studies– with language of strong and mild agreement and disagreement

Company departments meetings and vocabulary

Other photocopiable meetings classroom activities

Requests and offers in business meetings (with imperative presentation) – NEW

Online meetings discussion and brainstorming

Telecommuting policies roleplay meeting

Meetings vocabulary and turn taking practice (with dice game)

Small talk with present tenses to start meetings  (with phrases to end small talk and get down to business)

Meetings vocabulary opinions practice

Advice about bad business meetings

Meetings cultural differences Guess the country

Too informal for most business meetings

Too formal for most business meetings

Meetings vocabulary suggestions practice

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Updated 21 March 2023