Complaints sentence expansion game

Decide if each sentence below is from a complaint (C) or a reply to a complaint (R). Is there anything wrong with the sentences if used in business for that purpose?
1. Sorry.
2. My apologies. There was an air traffic controllers’ strike in Paris.
3. I checked and it’s been held up in customs.
4. I demand a refund.
5. We can offer a partial refund.
6. Send me a replacement.
7. That isn’t in our refund policy.
8. I’ll ask my boss.
9. There’s nothing I can do.
10. You will have to pay for the return postage.
11. It isn’t working.
12. It isn’t our fault
13. 50% of the order was faulty.
14. You have made an error on the invoice.
15. We agreed to payment by bank transfer.
16. You delivered the wrong quantity.
17. There were storms last week.
18. The reason is that they weren’t stored under the right conditions.
19. It isn’t under guarantee.
20. I was out of the office.
21. I’ll look into it.
22. We won’t pay.
23. I’m afraid it got lost.
24. You promised same day delivery.
25. You haven’t replied.
26. They came from the same batch.
27. I’ll send you a credit note instead.
28. It was bad handling.
29. I suggest contacting the insurance company.
30. You overcharged us.
31. The fax was illegible.
32. I’ll dispatch the missing items.

All the sentences above are too short to be used in business telephone calls, emails and meetings. Choose one of the sentences above and take turns making the sentence above longer and longer by adding language to them, e.g. “Sorry” to “I’m sorry” to “I’m really sorry” to “I’m really sorry for any inconvenience”. You can’t change any of the words. Continue until someone gives up on making it longer or forgets what the last person said.

How can you add these words to the sentences above?

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PDF version for easy printing: ComplaintsSentences

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