Giving opinions about media and arts

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 6

Choose one of the adjectives below and work together to find at least one film, TV programme, newspaper, TV channel etc that you agree is described by it, then continue with other adjectives below.

low brow




dreadful/ terrible

terrific/ fantastic/ amazing

very scary/ very frightening/ terrifying





thought provoking

pretentious/ over intellectual


childish/ juvenile






confusing/ hard to follow

unrealistic/ unbelievable


well written


What expressions did you use to agree?

What other ways of saying that are there? Turn over the page and check.


Useful language- the language of agreement

That’s just what I was going to say

You took the words right out of my mouth

I couldn’t agree with you more

That’s just the point I was trying to make

Exactly/ Precisely

Absolutely/ Definitely

That’s just what I think

I am in complete agreement

I wholeheartedly agree

The media discussion points

Read out or change and read out one of the statements below so that you get a statement of agreement from your partner

 Most horror films nowadays are disgusting rather than scary

 Films over two and a half hours long are always slow and boring

 Most of what the media produces nowadays is unbelievable (journalists making up stories etc)

 They only show bad news on TV, never good news

 There’s too much sex and violence on TV early in the evening when young children are still watching

 TV is better than it used to be

 Watching cartoons or animated movies is a sign of a childish adult

 The plots of most Hollywood films are predictable

 A movie being star studded is usually a sign of quality

 There’s nothing wrong with liking sentimental stories

 Newspapers and TV stations cover trivial stories because that is what the public is interested in

 The media is in the hands of too few people in my country

You are going to hear four people give their opinions on four of the topics above (New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module Six T6.2). The first time you listen, just identify which topics they are speaking about. Do they agree, partly agree or disagree with the statements above?


PDF version for easy printing: DescribingMedia

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