Guess the stories from the headlines October 2013 version

Hedging language/ Headlines vocabulary

Work together to try to guess the stories behind some of the headlines below (in a more cooperative style than in the previous activity). You can use your dictionaries, but you can’t do any online research. You can start with the easiest ones to guess if you like.

Useful language

It must be…

It’s almost certainly…

It’s probably…

It might be/ It may be…

It could be…

It’s probably not…

It’s almost certainly not…

It can’t be…

Judge acquits senior who refused to fill out census

De Bruyne refusing to panic over Chelsea axe

Funding axe for British stars as UK Athletics turns focus on Rio podium

Yankees May Bid For Star Japanese Pitcher Tanaka

Texans players blast Texans fans who cheered Matt Schaub injury

American wounded in Myanmar hotel blast

Chelsea recalls 1973 blaze that destroyed 18 blocks

Police charge man after Buckingham Palace arrest

Migrants Claim Libyan Forces Fired on Boat

LGBT Activists, Antigay Protesters Clash in Russia

Serie A – Pizarro to miss Juve clash?

Rihanna Helps Get Bar Owner Arrested in Crackdown on Live Sex Shows

Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst Sent To Rome To Curb Lavish Spending

Syrian rebels deny allegations of atrocities in Latakia

Hunt for duo after violent south Armagh burglary

UN names envoy to lead Syria chemical weapons mission

Lawmakers eye big spending on alternative energy

Paris Luxury Property Lures Overseas Rich as French Flee Taxes

Qaeda Suspect Is Brought To New York for a Hearing

New calls to hike gas tax to pay for infrastructure spending

US stocks higher as budget, debt cap deal appears imminent

S.Africa, France ink energy, rail deals in Hollande visit

iPhone 5s Reportedly Outselling iPhone 5c Two-to-One Since Launch

Tattoo shops see spike in business as new Army restrictions loom

City job availability up following summer lull

Girl, 3, rescued after river ordeal

Saudi King delegates Crown Prince Salman to oversee hajj

Jennifer Lopez To Pen Book On Marc Anthony Divorce

Mother-in-law, 70, charged in murder-for-hire plot

Dutch detain student and close dozens of schools after shooting threat

Discuss the last headline as a class.

Compare your ideas with the real story on the internet.

Give your opinion about these aspects of the story:

Why do you think that person made the threat? Do you think they were actually going to do it?



Why do you think the police took the threat so seriously?



Did the police over-react?



What might the punishment be for posting that message? Is that the right level of punishment?



What would the police do if the same thing happened in Japan?



How likely is something like this to happen in Japan in the near future?



For homework, write out your answers to those questions in full sentences. You can do more research before answering if you like, but you don’t have to.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Guess the stories from the headlines 15 Oct 2013 version

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