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Well, I thought it was funny anyway – TEFLtastic attempts at humour in 2011

In approximate order of how amusing I thought I was being when I wrote them: Self-defence based on classic TEFL activities Paul Simon’s long lost TEFL version of The Boxer The TEFL checklist revolution The very latest IWBs 400 things … Continue reading

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The checklist revolution

When I wrote about TEFL borrowing ideas from Evidence-Based Medicine no one seemed to think it was either likely or desirable. However, I later learned that much bigger results have been gained from the simple expedient of getting doctors, especially … Continue reading

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TEFL jargon from this month’s ETP

They do pretty well in English Teaching Professional with cutting down on jargon and explaining what they do use, but I found a few which I thought could do with some clearing up. Academic word list- A secret list of words that teachers … Continue reading

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Money saving tips for TEFLers

As we don’t seem to have made all TEFLers better paid just by blogging about it (what is wrong with this world???), here are some tips I have been collecting from other teachers and TEFL blogs and forums over the … Continue reading

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101 easy TEFL blog posts

Karenne says that if I can’t write something better than my last attempt for her upcoming blog rave,  she’ll publish that dodgy photo of me in a compromising position, so here goes: There is not a TEFL teacher alive who couldn’t easily … Continue reading

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25 things I have done that have less value than TEFL

Jim’s comments  about the pointlessness of TEFL in previous posts below has got me thinking, and as that’s not something I do very often I thought I should probably try to get a whole blog post of out of it. … Continue reading

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The TEFLtasticest attempts at humour 2008

You know one of those episodes of Malcolm in the Middle or The Simpsons where they splice together lots of old clips with a few new bits and a dubious storyline? Well, this isn’t like that … because I couldn’t … Continue reading

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An A to Z of Korean English (Konglish) expressions

UPDATE: List now much expanded and polished up, including more listing of when it is the same in other languages. I’ve also since done a list of common errors for Korean speakers, worksheets for Koreans that deal with some of … Continue reading

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An Alternative Dictionary of ELT jargon Part 17

adjacency pairs- the strange connection between students being sat beside each other in the first lesson and forming couples back channelling- TEFL euphemism for shirt lifting boundary marker-use of textbooks to stake out territory on a desk caretaker talk-

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An alternative dictionary of ELT Part 16

androgogy- teaching like a girly man behaviourism- the theory that making your students pretend they have stiff upper lips will make them act and speak like Englishmen, and wearing a crown in class will make them speak Queen’s English co-hyponym … Continue reading

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