People who speak to you Reported speech game

Choose one of the people below who have spoken to you (including through technology) and report what they have said to you until your partner guesses who you are talking about. Each reporting verb can only be used once.

Useful verbs: suggest, recommend, propose, tell, ask, mention, apologise, thank, offer, inform, announce, agree, predict, guarantee, promise, reassure, emphasize, stress, insist, remind, order, deny, encourage, introduce, admit

(Foreign) colleague (= Workmate)

Fellow graduate/ Fellow alumni/ Ex-classmate

Client/ Customer




(Door to door) salesman (= Sales executive)/ Telesales

Help desk staff/ Call centre staff

Recorded message/ Automatic switchboard

Line manager (= Direct boss)/ Team leader

Chairman/ President/ CEO/ Managing Director

Executive (= Director = Top manager)

Middle manager

HR manager (= Personnel manager)

Accountant/ Accounts clerk

Factory worker/ Factory supervisor

Secretary/ PA

Solicitor/ Barrister/ Attorney/ Lawyer



Security guard

Shop assistant/ Cashier

Air hostess (= air stewardess, flight attendant or cabin crew) 

Businessman/ Entrepreneur



Office worker/ Clerk

Door man/ Concierge

Handyman/ Janitor (= Caretaker)


Banker/ Bank clerk


Civil servant (= Public servant)

Teacher/ (Corporate) trainer

Lecturer/ Professor

Researcher/ Lab assistant

Technician/ Repair man/ Service engineer/ Mechanic

Estate agent (= Real estate agent)

Translator/ Interpreter

Editor/ Sub-editor

Cycle courier/ Motorcycle courier/ Delivery man/ Postman (= Mailman)

Travel agent

What’s the difference between the following words and expressions?

Manager and executive/ top manager/ director

Office worker and businessman

Secretary and PA

Lecturer and professor

Bank clerk, bank employee and banker

Staff and employees

Sales executive and executive

Personal and personnel

Part-time and temporary/ casual

Freshman and new recruit

What is wrong with the following expressions?




You can’t really translate these Japanese jobs words into English. How could you explain them?






PDF for easy saving and printing: Reported speech guess the person game

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