Inside Out Upper Intermediate Units 1-4 Revision Presentations Rotating Board game

 Listen to your partner and let them speak for up to 3 minutes. Give them a score by taking away the amount of silence from how long they talked, and they can then move on that many squares:

30 seconds = 1 square, 1 minute = 2 squares etc. up to 3 minutes = 6 squares


Haircuts Rules for teenagers Penfriends Lives of the very w-ealthy  STARTFilms 
Your haircut  Phrasal verbs
Your clothes Diets
An important news story that you took an interest in Articles (a/ an/ the/ -)
Madonna Body idioms
A celebrity that you are interested in or know about A treasured possession
Indirect questions Verb plus verb
The best ways of showing sympathy   How sympathetic you are
Adjective plus preposition Prepositions
Your image Changing your image
Conditionals Linkers
Gestures around the world Medical advice that you have given
Question tags Auxiliary verbs
Your parents  Embarrassment
Your parents while you were growing up The importance or not of possessions
Staying with a host family If your life had been different
Meeting people’s parents Formal and informal emailing Gold fever Money idioms around the world Regrets


PDF for easy saving and printing: InsideOutUpperU1to4Presentations

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