Business Email or Telephone Guessing game (Lower level version)

Worksheet 1- Useful telephoning and emailing language

A: Listening comprehension: Listen to your teacher reading out sentences from below and, without looking at the worksheet, hold up a “Email” or “Telephone” card depending on the meaning of the sentence you hear.

B: Reading: Each section below is either language of telephoning or emailing. Read the sentences and decide which one each section is:

1: Can you spell your name please?
I’m afraid he is out of the office at the moment
Can you hold?
He’s in a meeting at the moment. Can I help you at all?
I’m sorry, we don’t have a Mr Brown working here. Do you mean Mr Brawn, B,R,A,W,N?

2: Please find the documents attached
I look forward to hearing from you soon
Dear John
Re: our conversation last week

3: Can I speak to Mr Brown please?
Of course. My first name is Alex, that’s A,L,E,X, and my surname is Case, C,A,S,E.
Can you ask her to call me back?

4: I’m putting you through
I’m afraid he’s on another line.
Can I take a message?
Sorry to keep you waiting
Who do you need to speak to?
Please speak after the tone
Please speak after the beep

5: This is just a quick note to say…
Please see the information below
Can you forward this to Mr Smith please?

6: I’m transferring your call
Thanks for calling.
Can I help you?
Janet Smithers speaking…

7: This is Brian Smith from Meridian Design and Management.
It’s seven double four, double two, treble three
Can I have extension 2441?

C: Are the telephoning sentences used when you are receiving a telephone call or telephoning someone?

D: Listening and speaking- Test each other in pairs

E: Reading 2- Are the telephoning sentences used when you are receiving a telephone call or telephoning someone?

F: Speaking 2: What are the answers to the questions above?



Worksheet 2- Email or Telephone Cards
Teachers’ Instructions
Photocopy and cut up 1 sheet per 5 students so that they have 1 Email and 1 Telephone card each.



PDF for easy saving and printing: EmailTelephoneLowLevel

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