Full IELTS Speaking test about weekends

Use the questions below to do a full 12 minute speaking with one person as the examiner and the other as the candidate.

Speaking Part One

What did you usually do at the weekend when you were a child?

What do you think your weekends will be like in 10 years’ time?

Do you want to change what you do with your weekends?

Do you have a lot of time to relax at the weekend?

What do you do to relax?

Speaking Part Two

 Talk about something you often do at the weekend or other days off. You should say:- What it consists of

– Why you do it

– When you first starting doing it

And say how long you think you will carry on doing that thing


 Talk about something you used to do at the weekend when you were a child. You should say:- What it was

– When and why you started doing it

– Why you enjoyed it

And say whether children nowadays often do that thing or not and why


 Make a short presentation about something you would like to change about your weekends or other days off. You should include in your presentation:-          What it is

–          Why you want to change that thing

–          What effect you think changing it would have

And say whether you think you will change that thing soon or not and why

Speaking Part Three

Do you think that people your age/ in your country have enough free time?

What do you think the effect of having a three day weekend would be?

Do you believe that people your age in your country spend their weekends in the right way?

How important are public holidays for people in your country?

Do you think that moving all public holidays to Mondays is a good idea?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of moving all public holidays to Mondays?

How could the government persuade people to do more exercise/ more volunteer work at the weekend?

How do you think leisure time will change in the future?

How has people’s leisure time changed over the last 50 years in your country?

In what ways does people having days off benefit society?

Do you think that the way people use their leisure time is changing?

Do you think that the amount of free time people have has changed?

Do you think that more leisure time will lead to people becoming more sedentary/ people demanding even more time off?

Why is it important to have regular days off?

Why do some people do unpaid overtime at the weekend?

Do you think there is a danger that less days at school will lead to children getting into trouble?



Language analysis and further speaking


Underline the parts of the sentences above that are generally used to ask your opinion etc in the IELTS Speaking Part Three.


Use those sentence stems to make more IELTS Speaking Part Three questions.


PDF for easy saving and printing: IELTS whole Speaking test about weekends

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