Irregular Past Simple dice games

Live Wire 2 Units 9 and 10 

Past Simple Yes/ No questions dice game

Roll the dice and ask a Yes/ No question using the verb next to the first number to try to get a response matching the second number, e.g. a question using “fall” to get a negative response if you rolled 2 and then rolled 4.


Irregular Past Simple storytelling dice game

Take turns continuing a story that one of you starts. Before you add to the story, roll the dice twice, once to decide which verbs you can choose from, and once to decide if you should add a positive sentence (numbers 1, 2 or 3 on the dice) or should add a negative sentence (numbers 4 to 6).


First roll

  1. eat/ make/ come/ give/ pay/ become
  2. fall/ feel/ go/ sleep/ leave/ meet/ read/ say
  3. break/ choose/ ride/ speak/ steal/ wake/ write
  4. run/ sing/ sit/ swim/ drink
  5. buy/ catch/ fight/ see/ think
  6. fly/ grow/ know/ get/ lose/ find/ have


Second roll

  1. positive sentence or answer
  2. positive
  3. positive
  4. negative sentence or answer
  5. negative
  6. negative

Identify the vowel sounds in the past of each verb above. All but one of the numbers has only one vowel sound for all the examples.


Freer storytelling activities

Roll the dice once and take turns continuing a story of the kind, this time not having to roll the dice each time.

  1. future/ space
  2. crime/ murder mystery
  3. love/ romance/ relationships
  4. ghosts/ supernatural/ horror
  5. spies/ adventure/ action/ thriller
  6. fairy tale/ fantasy


Past Simple and future game

Ask a question about the past to get a “No” answer, then try to get a “Yes” answer about the future using the same verb.


PDF for easy saving and printing: irregular-past-dice games

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