FCE Speaking Part Four on animals

Complete First Unit 12 

Ask around three questions from below to your partner, then change roles and answer their questions from below. You can also ask follow-up questions like “Why do you feel that way?” to extend the discussion.

Are there advantages to having fish as pets?

Are there times when it’s better to have a pet put down by a vet?

At what age do you think children should be expected to look after a pet without their parents’ help?

Do you think children should look after animals at school?

Do you think feeding wild birds is a good idea?

Do you think having a pet is always a good thing?

Do you think it’s good for the government to ban dangerous dogs?

Do you think it’s true that life as a pet is unnatural for animals?

Do you think people generally spend too much money on their pets?

Do you think that wildlife documentaries make people care more about the environment?

How important is eating meat, do you think?

Is it a good thing for children to learn about animal rights in school?

Is it better to let cats out or keep them inside?

Is it important to train a dog yourself or do you think it’s alright to have it trained for you?

Is visiting a zoo the best way to make children interested in animals?

Many people say that nowadays animals are treated better than people. Why do you think they say this?

More and more people are against zoos these days. Why do you think this is?

Some people say that all experiments on animals should be banned. What do you think?

What can you do to make sure animals don’t suffer?

What do you think the advantages of safari parks are over zoos?

What do you think the disadvantages of cats are?

What is the best way to buy a pet?

What’s good about keeping fish?

Which is the best pet for an old person?

Why do you think small dogs are popular?

Why do you think some people are so interested in wildlife documentaries?

Ask your teacher about any questions above that you couldn’t understand or couldn’t answer. 

Make other questions using the parts in bold above to ask each other, if possible about the same topic.

Discuss some Writing Part One essay questions on the same topic in the same way.


PDF for easy saving or printing: FCE Speaking Part Four on animals

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