Email error correction games/ worksheets

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Emailing main page


Common mistakes with emailing error correction pairwork speaking game

Common mistakes with email paragraphing

Academic emails more and more errors game

Correct the emails to academic staff

Functional language for emailing correction and brainstorming

Short emails error correction (written for BULATS Writing Part One but useable with other classes)

Emailing Informal or error?

Email paired sentences error correction

Emailing errors arrangement pairwork

Emailing errors team game

Emailing phrases Which is more common?


2 Responses to Email error correction games/ worksheets

  1. Christina says:

    Can you please give me the answer key for the “correct emails to academic staff” please

  2. alexcase says:

    Hi Christina. I’m afraid I’ve never made one. If you can tell me what emails you can’t find errors in, I’ll put those answers in here.

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