Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 1 to 3 giving advice vocabulary review

Choose one of the problems below and ask your partner for their advice (they should avoid looking at the worksheet so that they have to listen). After listening to their advice, politely tell them if you think that is a good idea.

 I hate my stepmother

 My mother-in-law hates me

 My gran is losing her memory

 I always get nervous aboard an aeroplane

 I’m terrified of thunderstorms

 I’ve had loads of disastrous blind dates

 I’ve got too many carrier bags in my house but I think it’s a waste just to throw them away

 A local coral reef is being destroyed by pollution

 My boyfriend/ girlfriend dresses really shabbily

 I’m always late and my spouse is really impatient

 I’ve taken a wrong turn and now I can’t remember where my hotel is or even its name

 The child that I’m babysitting is really upset and I can’t contact her parents

 I always get the blame for things my younger siblings have done

 Someone keeps beating up my son at school

 I have the same friends as my ex and we keep bumping into each other at parties

 I’m terrible at karaoke but all my friends insist that I come along and sing

 My best friend can’t get a girlfriend/ boyfriend and I’m sure it’s because she/ he wears such strange clothes

 I struggle with mental arithmetic

 My nephew spends all his money is amusement arcades

 I need to keep fit but have no free time

 I bought chunky peanut butter by mistake but I only eat smooth peanut butter

 I’m out snorkelling and suddenly find that I’m surrounded by jellyfish

 My long term partner likes botanical gardens but I think they are really boring

 I don’t like the pace of life in this city

 I keep slipping on the marble floors at my university

 My children keep asking for more pocket money

 My dog looks cute but he growls at any strangers who pat him

 I had a fling with a colleague and now he/ she sends me thirty or forty texts a day

 I lost a close friend’s tracksuit top which I had borrowed at a gig

 My line manager is really hostile to my ideas

 Classmates who I hated keep trying to contact me through Friends Reunited or Facebook


PDF for easy saving and printing: VocabularyReviewAdviceGame

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