FCE Speaking Part Four questions on communication and language learning

FCE Result Unit 7 

Choose one of the questions below and ask for your partner’s opinion. Switch roles after every two or three questions by passing the worksheet to your partner.

What could be the consequences/ effects of people studying English from younger and younger?

Do you think that your government is doing enough to improve language education? (Why do you think that?)

What can be done to improve people’s oral English, do you think?

How important is teaching foreign languages, in your opinion?

Are people in your country generally interested in studying languages, do you think?

Do you think that people your age in your country leave university with enough English to be able to cope in business? (What evidence do you have for that?)

Do you believe that banning L1 in the foreign language classroom is a good idea?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having native English speaker teachers in public schools?

In what ways does a country becoming more multicultural benefit society?

Why, in your opinion, do some people not progress in their foreign language studies?

Do you think there is a danger that English could slowly take over from your own language?

How have people’s attitudes to English changed over the last 50 years in your country?

What are your predictions for foreign language education in your country in the next few years?

What do you think the status of English in your country will be in 50 years’ time?

Do you think that language education in your country is getting better or worse? (What makes you say that?)

Do you think that people’s attitude to living abroad is changing?

What’s your opinion on studying other subjects like Maths in English in normal schools? 

Brainstorm typical answers to these questions:

How important…?

Do you believe that…?

What do you think… will be?

What’s your opinion on…?



How can you express strong and weak opinions?


PDF version for easy saving and printing:

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