Teaching vocabulary articles

Articles on teaching different kinds and aspects of vocabulary. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

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Teaching vocabulary to young learners articles

Vocabulary games/ worksheets page

General teaching vocabulary articles

How to teach positive and negative connotations

Four approaches to teaching vocabulary

Stimulating practice for chunks of language

Combining collocations and pronunciation

Playing with our Word Bag (vocabulary revision games)

15 ways of eliciting vocabulary

15 more ways of eliciting vocabulary

Picture dictionary games and activities

Why your students overuse their dictionaries

Why does my teacher stop me using my dictionary?

Why does my teacher make me use an English-English dictionary?

Articles on teaching specific vocabulary

How to teach describing appearances – NEW

12 describing appearances games

How to teach idioms with as… as

How to teach British and American vocabulary

How to teach feelings vocabulary

How to teach country and nationality words

How to teach Latin abbreviations

How to teach abbreviations

How to teach acronyms

How to teach colour vocabulary in ESL classes

Classroom activities for colour vocabulary

How to teach colour word recognition

How to use colouring-in in EFL classes

How to teach opposites

Classroom activities for teaching opposites (with many game ideas)

How to teach clothes vocabulary to young learners

7 word formation games

How to teach body parts to kids

How to teach transport vocabulary to young learners

How to teach and use the language of newspaper headlines 

Practising architecture vocabulary

Body vocab for YLs

Vocabulary practice for family words

Fun with clothes vocabulary

Practice for weather vocabulary

Shapes for young learners

10 fun activities for personality adjectives

Fun activities for feelings

15 fun ways of practising country and nationality words

15 games for the language of describing people

Xmas vocabulary that you can mime

Gardens and gardening for EFL classes

Glossary of football words and expressions (more of a list than an article)

Janglish vocabulary articles

Words that are different in Japanese and English

How the Japanese chop up English

Made in Japan English words and expressions

Pronunciation changes in Japanese English

How Japanese English works

Updated 13 March 2023

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