Second conditional and phrasal verbs Version 2

New Headway Pre Intermediate U 12

Put a preposition or adverb into each of the gaps below:

1. Your teacher walks ________ of the lesson

2. Your mother throws _____________ your favourite T-shirt

3. Your car runs _____________ of petrol (= gas/ gasoline) in the middle of the countryside

4. The person standing next to you puts ____________ a cigarette on the floor of the lift (= elevator)

5. Your 95 year old grandmother offers to look __________ your baby

6. You are 17 years old and you don’t get _____________ with your parents

7. Your younger sister is going ____________ with a 65 year old man

8. You fall ____________ with your best friend.

9. Someone turns ___________ the lights while you are sitting on the toilet.

10. You see a job you really want but you have to fill ________ a 30 page application form.

11. You are walking along the street when someone says “Look _______!” and points above you.

12. You want to try _________ some shoes in a shop, but your feet are smelly.

13. Your best friend’s dog disappears while you are taking it _________for a walk

14. Your visa finishes and you have to go _________ to your country unless you marry someone in the next two days

15. Your grandmother asks you to put _________ the really embarrassing sweater she knitted you and go for a walk with her.

Which two ways can you change the sentence below to make it correct? How are those two sentences different in meaning?

“What would you do if your teacher walks out of your lesson?”

Ask each other similar questions about the situations above.


PDF version for easy printing: 2nd conditional phrasals version 2

1 Response to Second conditional and phrasal verbs Version 2

  1. evanilde says:

    just perfect practice on preposition, conditional and talking

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