FCE Speaking Part One on the topic of holidays

Student A

1. When is the next public holiday in your country? (What does it celebrate? What are you planning to do?)

2. Do people in your country generally know what public holidays celebrate? (Why/ Why not)?

3. What do people in your country usually do during their summer holidays? (Why do you think that is popular?)

4. Do you prefer holidays in natural surroundings or city breaks? (Why do you feel that way?)

5. Are there enough holidays in your country, do you think? (Do you think that will change?)

6. Where do you like to go on holiday?

7. Is there a part of the world that you would particularly like to visit? Why?

FCE Speaking Part One on the topic of holidays

Student B

8. How do you usually spend your holidays?

9. Where did you go for your last holiday?

10. Where would you like to go for your next holiday?

11. What do you think you gain from visiting other countries?

12. Which area of your country would you like to get to know better? (Why?)

13. What’s the most interesting place you’ve visited near here? (Tell us about it.)

14. Have you ever used your English on holiday? (What did you

15. use it for?)

16. Do you like to plan your holidays carefully or do you prefer to just go? (Why?)

17. Where would you really like to go on holiday in the future? (Why?)


PDF for easy saving and printing:  FCE Speaking Part One on the topic of holidays

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