Nature and the environment Countable and uncountable nouns

CAE Gold Plus Unit 10

Choose one of the things below and say how much/ many there is, was and will be in this town, area and/ or country, and how you feel about that. You may also want to talk about different generations. Does your partner agree with your descriptions and opinion?

Useful language(far/ a bit) too much/ too many

a lot of/ many

quite a lot of

(just) enough

not many/ not much

not enough/ too few/ too little

not nearly enough/ far too few/ far too little


(Exotic) pet

Acid rain

Air pollution

Allergy/ Hay fever

Alternative fuel/ Biofuel  

Animal shelter                                                           

Asthma/ Breathing difficulty

Awareness of CO2 emissions

Bicycle lane/ Bicycle parking


Birth defect

Carbon trading/ Carbon offsetting

Cattle farming/ Pastureland

Coral reef

Dam/ Hydroelectric dam

Dangerous animal (wolf, spider, venomous snake)


Ecological education in schools


Endangered animal

Energy consumption

Energy efficiency


GM crop


Green space/ Greenery

Hiking course


Hybrid car/ Electric vehicle

Interest in green issues

Interest in outdoor activities

Invasive species

Light pollution

Love of nature

Membership of ecological organisations, e.g. green parties

Native species

Natural disaster (flood, earthquake, landslide, avalanche, volcano, typhoon, tsunami/ tidal wave, drought, extreme heat, blizzard, etc)

Nature park/ Wildlife preserve


Noise/ Noise pollution

Nuclear energy

Organic food


Plastic bag/ Packaging

Pollution from another country


Production of greenhouse gases                           

Public park

Public transport


Rental bicycle

Sea level

Soil erosion

Soil pollution

Solar energy


Support for whaling                                    


Time spent in the countryside

Use of fossil fuels



Water pollution

Water shortage


Wildlife programme

Wind power

Bug/ Creepy crawly (bee, beetle, cicada, cockroach, mosquito, spider, etc)

Find some examples above which can be some + noun and some + noun + s with a difference in meaning (however slight).

Add a plural s to any of the words above where it is possible without changing the meaning.

Try to explain absolutely everything you know about insects and other bugs, including where you got that information from.

Would you be interested in watching a wildlife programme called “Insects from Hell”? Why/ Why not?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Nature environment countable uncountable

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