Publishing TEFL reviews articles/ advice

How to write and publish reviews of TEFL materials. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

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Places to publish edited TEFL reviews (I’ve reviewed more than once for all three of these, so please let me know if you want more details)

Modern English Teacher magazine

“Modern English Teacher cannot accept unsolicited reviews. If you would like to review a book or product, please write to the Reviews Editor, Roger Gower at”

ELT Journal

“If you wish to write a review for ELT Journal, please contact the Reviews Editor. Unsolicited reviews cannot be accepted for publication.”


“Anyone interested in reviewing a book for TESL-EJ may do so in one of the following ways:

•Choose a recent book in the field, contact the Book Review Editor about its suitability, and if approved, write a review of it, following the Review Style Guidelines.

•Choose a book from the list of Books Available for Review and contact the Book Review Editor. Obtain a copy of the book to be reviewed directly from the publisher or from your institutional holdings. Then write the review and submit it to the Book Review Editor.

•Send a copy of your CV to the Book Review Editor, along with a list of areas in which you would be willing to write reviews.

Please see the Review Style Guidelines (below) before submitting a review.”

Possible places to publish edited TEFL reviews

Humanising Language Teaching (they publish reviews but not many and not sure how to apply)

“More than half the contributions to HLT are from classroom language teachers. The editor, Hania Kryszewska, invites you to send in your exercises, activities, articles, poems and letters to enrich HLT: hania.kryszewska at”

EL Gazette (ditto)

English Teaching Professional magazine (ditto)

Places to self-publish TEFL reviews

Start a blog:

Write it on a bookseller’s website: etc (I can’t find any TEFL-specific booksellers who have a section to write your own reviews)

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