IELTS Needs Analysis Level Check Interview Form


General Information:


Job (present, past, future):

Education (present, past, future):

Hobbies (present, past, future):

Foreign travel (past, future):

Motivation for studying English and taking IELTS:

Present needs for work, studies or travel:Future needs for work, studies or travel:

Other English language exams (past, future) and score

IELTS and Other Language Learning Experience:

Previous IELTS exam and IELTS course and opinions on:

Previous English studies and opinions on:

Other languages (past, present, future)?

Other Study of, Practice of, Exposure to and Use of English (in work and free time):



IELTS and English Language Strengths and Weaknesses:



Opinions about Language Learning:  


Teacher’s notes

Ask questions and make notes in the boxes above, or get students to do it in pairs. You might need to run through what questions they can ask in each section first. The easiest question for the final box is “What do you think is the best way to learn a language?”


PDF version for easy saving and printing: ieltsneedsanalysistenses

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