Strong and weak opinions coin game

Giving strong and weak opinions coin game

Flip a coin and use language that matches the category below to give your opinions on the topic that your teacher gives you, e.g. social issues in this country.

–       Heads = Strong opinion

–       Tails = Weak opinion

Your partner should respond with their own real strong or weak opinion, giving reasons each time.


Giving and responding to strong and weak opinions coin game

Do the same, but also with your partner flipping a coin twice to decide how they should react, giving a reason each time.

First throw

–       Heads = Agree (with what the first person said)

–       Tails = Disagree

Second throw

–       Heads = Strongly

–       Tails = Weakly

for example, Heads + Heads = Agree strongly.


PDF for easy saving and printing: strong-and-weak-opinions-coin-game

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