Academic Word List word formation challenge game

Choose one of the words below that you think you can make many true statements. Make those statements one by one, stopping whenever you are not sure if you can do so accurately anymore. You will get one point for each correct statement, but will lose all the points from that round if you say anything wrong and play will pass to the next person or team. If something you say is debatable, you won’t get a point for that thing but you can continue with other statements. Things you can say (in any order):


       Parts of speech (of the form here or other forms)

       Grammar (e.g. countable or uncountable)

       Differences in British and American English

       Irregular forms (e.g. irregular plurals such as Latin plurals)

Regular plurals and -ing and –ed forms of verbs will not be accepted, though adjectives with those forms are fine. Prefixes are also very welcome. The forms must make sense as well as be grammatical possible, particularly with adverbs 

abandon                           academy                          access                accommodate

accompany                      accumulate                      accurate                           achieve

acknowledge                   acquire               adapt                                adequate

adjust                                administrate                     adult                                  advocate

affect                                 aggregate                        aid                                     allocate

alter                                   ambiguous                       amend                analogy

analyse               anticipate                         append               appreciate

approach                          appropriate                      approximate                    arbitrary

assemble                         assess                assign                               assist

assume                            assure                attach                                attain

attitude               attribute                            author                               authority

automate                          available                           aware                               benefit

bias                                  brief                                  bulk                                   capable

capacity                            category                           cease                               challenge

chart                                  cite                                    civil                                    clarify

coherent                           coincide                           collapse                            commence

comment                          commit               communicate                   compatible

compensate                     compile                            complement                     complex

compute                           conceive                           concept                            conclude

concurrent                        confer                               confine                confirm

conflict                conform                            consent               consequent

consist                constitute                          constrain                          construct

consult                consume                          contact                context

contradict                         contrary                            contrast                            contribute

controversy                      convene                            converse                          convert

convince                           coordinate                        correspond                      criteria

cycle                                 data                                  debate                deduce

define                               definite               demonstrate                    deny

derive                               detect                               deviate               differentiate

diminish                            discrete                            discriminate                     displace

dispose                            distinct                distort                               distribute

diverse               document                         domestic                          dominate

economy                          edit                                    eliminate                          emerge

emphasis                         empirical                          enforce               enhance

enormous                         environment                     equate                equivalent

erode                                error                                  establish                           estimate

ethic                                  ethnic                                evaluate                            eventual

evident                evolve                               exceed               exclude

expand               expert                               exploit                               expose

external               facilitate                            federal                final

finance                finite                                  flexible                focus

formula               found                                 function               fund

globe                                hierarchy                          hypothesis                        identify

ideology                           illustrate                            immigrate                         implicate

impose               incidence                         incline                               incorporate

indicate                            individual                          inevitable                          infer

inhibit                                initiate                               injure                                 innovate

insight                               institute               instruct                integrate

intense                interact               internal                interpret

invest                                investigate                       involve                isolate

item                                   justify                                 legal                                  legislate

liberal                                licence                link                                    locate

logic                                  maintain                           manipulate                       margin

mature                mental                 method               migrate

minor                                modify                               motive                               neutral

normal                obtain                               occupy                occur

orient                                parallel                participate                        passive

period                               persist                              phenomenon                    philosophy

precede                            precise               predict                predominant

presume                           principle                           priority                              proceed

process                            professional                     prohibit               promote

proportion                        prospect                           rational               react

recover               refine                                regulate                            relevant

reluctance                        rely                                    remove               reside

resolve                resource                           respond                            restore

restrain               restrict                              retain                                reveal

reverse               revise                                revolution                          rigid

schedule                           scheme                            secure                select

sequence                         sex                                    significant                         similar

simulate                            specify                sphere                stable

statistic               structure                           submit                               subordinate

subsidy               substitute                          successor                        sufficient

sum                                   supplement                      survive                suspend

sustain                symbol                terminate                          text

theme                               theory                                thesis                                tradition

transfer               transit                                uniform               unify

utilise                                valid                                  vary                                   visible



Suggested answers

Please note that this is not the whole Academic Word List, as words with no other parts of speech or only really obvious ones have been removed.



Other words in the family.

abandon abandonment
academy academia, academic, academically
access accessibility, accessible, inaccessible
accommodate accommodating, accommodation
accompany accompaniment, unaccompanied
accumulate accumulation
accurate accuracy, accurately, inaccuracy, inaccurate
achieve achievable, achievement, achievements
acknowledge acknowledged, acknowledgement, acknowledgements
acquire acquisition, acquisitions
adapt adaptability, adaptable, adaptation, adaptive
adequate adequacy, adequately, inadequacies, inadequacy, inadequate, inadequately
adjust adjustment, adjustments, readjustment
administrate administration, administrative, administrator
adult adulthood
advocate advocacy
affect affected, affective, affectively, unaffected
aggregate aggregation
aid unaided
allocate allocation
alter alteration, alternate, unalterable, unaltered
ambiguous ambiguity, unambiguous, unambiguously
amend amendment
analogy analogous
analyse analysis, analyst, analytic, analytical, analytically
anticipate anticipated, anticipating, anticipation, unanticipated
append appendix, appendices, appendixes
appreciate appreciable, appreciably, appreciated, appreciation, unappreciated
approach approachable, unapproachable
appropriate appropriacy, appropriately, appropriateness, inappropriacy, inappropriate, inappropriately
approximate approximately, approximation
arbitrary arbitrariness, arbitrarily
assemble assembly
assess assessment, reassess, reassessment, unassessed
assign assignment, reassign
assist assistance, assistant, unassisted
assume assuming, assumption, assumptions
assure assurance, assurances, assured, assuredly
attach attached, attachment, unattached
attain attainable, attainment, attainments, unattainable
attitude attitudinal
attribute attributable, attributed, attributes, attribution
author authorship
authority authoritative, authorities
automate automatic, automated, automates, automating, automatically, automation
available availability, unavailable
aware awareness, unaware
benefit beneficial, beneficiary
bias biased, unbiased
brief brevity, briefly
bulk bulky
capable capabilities, capability, incapable
capacity incapacitate, incapacitated
category categorisation, categorise
cease ceaseless
challenge challenger, challenging
chart uncharted
cite citation, cited, citing
civil civility
clarify clarification, clarified, clarity
coherent coherence, coherently, incoherent, incoherently
coincide coincidence, coincidental
collapse collapsible
commence commencement, recommence
comment commentary, commentator
commit commitment, committed
communicate communicable, communication, communicative, uncommunicative
compatible compatibility, incompatibility, incompatible
compensate compensation, compensatory
compile compilation, compiled
complement complementary, complements
complex complexity
compute computation, computational, computer, computerised, computing
conceive conceivable, conceivably, conceived, inconceivable, inconceivably
concept conception, conceptual, conceptualisation, conceptualise, conceptually
conclude conclusion, conclusive, conclusively, inconclusive, inconclusively
concurrent concurrently
confer conference
confine unconfined
confirm confirmation
conflict conflicted
conform conformability, conformance, conformation, conformist, conformity, nonconformist
consent consensus
consequent consequence, consequently
consist consistency, consistent, consistently, consisting, inconsistencies, inconsistency, inconsistent
constitute constituency, constituent, constitution, constitutional, constitutionally, unconstitutional
constrain constraining, constraint, constraints, unconstrained
construct construction, constructive, reconstruct, reconstructed, reconstruction
consult consultancy, consultant, consultation, consultative, consulting
consume consumer, consuming, consumption
contact contactable
context contextual, contextualise
contradict contradicted, contradicting, contradiction, contradictions, contradictory
contrary contrarian
contrast contrastive
contribute contributing, contribution, contributions, contributor
controversy controversial, controversially, uncontroversial
convene convention, convening, conventional, conventionally, conventions, unconventional
converse conversely
convert conversion, converted, convertible
convince convinced, convincing, convincingly, unconvinced
coordinate coordinated, coordination, coordinator
correspond correspondence, correspondingly
criteria criterion
cycle cyclic, cyclical
data datum
debate debatable
deduce deduction
define definable, defined, defining, definition, redefine, undefined
definite definitely, definitive, indefinite, indefinitely
demonstrate demonstrable, demonstrably, demonstration, demonstrative, demonstratively, demonstrator
deny deniable, denial, undeniable
derive derivation, derivative
detect detectable, detection, detective, detector
deviate deviation
differentiate differentiation
diminish diminished, diminution, undiminished
discrete discretely, discretion, discretionary, indiscrete, indiscretion
discriminate discriminating, discrimination
displace displacement
dispose disposable, disposal
distinct distinction, distinctive, distinctively, distinctly, indistinct, indistinctly
distort distorted, distorting, distortion
distribute distribution, distributional, distributive, distributor, redistribute, redistribution
diverse diversely, diversification, diversified, diversify, diversity
document documentation, documented
domestic domestically, domesticate, domesticated
dominate dominance, dominant, dominating, domination
economy economic, economical, economics, economist, uneconomical
edit edited, edition, editor, editorial
eliminate elimination
emerge emergence, emergent, emerging
emphasis emphasise, emphatic, emphatically
empirical empirically, empiricism
enforce enforced, enforcement
enhance enhancement
enormous enormity
environment environmental, environmentalist
equate equated, equates, equating, equation, equations
equivalent equivalence
erode eroded, erosion
error erroneous, erroneously
establish disestablish, disestablishment, established, establishment
estimate estimated, estimation, overestimate, underestimate
ethic ethical, ethically, ethics, unethical
ethnic ethnicity
evaluate evaluation, evaluative, re-evaluate, re-evaluation
eventual eventuality, eventually
evident evidence, evidential, evidently
evolve evolution, evolving, evolutionary, evolutionist
exceed excessive
exclude excluded, exclusion, exclusionary, exclusionist, exclusive, exclusively
expand expansion, expansionism, expansive
expert expertise, expertly
exploit exploitation, exploited, exploits, exploitative
expose exposed, exposure
external externalisation, externalise
facilitate facilitation, facilitator, facility
federal federation
final finalise, finality, finally, finals
finance financial, financially, financier, financing
finite infinite, infinitely
flexible flexibility, inflexible, inflexibility
focus focused, refocus
formula formulae, formulate, formulation, reformulate, reformulation
found founder, unfounded
function functional, functionally, functioning, functionality
fund funder, funding, funds
globe global, globally, globalisation
hierarchy hierarchical
hypothesis hypotheses, hypothesise, hypothetical, hypothetically
identify identifiable, identification, identifying, identity, unidentifiable
ideology ideological, ideologically
illustrate illustrated, illustration, illustrative
immigrate immigrant, immigration
implicate implicated, implication
impose imposing, imposition
incidence incident, incidentally
incline inclination, inclined
incorporate incorporated, incorporation
indicate indication, indicative, indicator
individual individuality, individualism, individualist, individualistic, individually
inevitable inevitability, inevitably
infer inference
inhibit inhibited, inhibiting, inhibition
initiate initiating, initiation, initiative, initiator
injure injury, uninjured, injurious
innovate innovation, innovative, innovator
insight insightful
institute institution, institutional, institutionalise, institutionalised, institutionally
instruct instruction, instructive, instructor
integrate integrated, integration
intense intensification, intensified, intensify, intensity, intensive, intensively
interact interaction, interactive, interactively
internal internalise, internalised, internally
interpret interpretation, misinterpret, misinterpretation, reinterpret, reinterpretation
invest investment, investor, reinvest
investigate investigation, investigative, investigator
involve involved, involvement, involving
isolate isolated, isolating, isolation, isolationism
item itemisation, itemise, itemised
justify justifiable, justifiably, justification, justified, unjustified
legal illegal, illegality, illegally, legality, legally
legislate legislation, legislative, legislator, legislature
liberal liberalise, liberalism, liberalisation, liberalisation, liberate, liberated, liberation, liberating, liberator, liberally
licence licensed, unlicensed
link linkage, linked
locate location, relocate, relocation
logic illogical, illogically, logical, logically, logician
maintain maintenance
manipulate manipulated, manipulation, manipulative
margin marginal, marginally
mature immature, immaturity, maturation, maturity
mental mentality, mentally
method methodical, methodological, methodology
migrate migrant, migration, migratory
minor minority, minors
modify modification, modified, unmodified
motive motivate, motivated, motivating, motivation, unmotivated
neutral neutralisation, neutralise, neutrality
normal abnormal, abnormally, normalisation, normalise, normalised, normality
obtain obtainable, unobtainable
occupy occupancy, occupant, occupation, occupational, occupied, occupier
occur occurrence, reoccur, reoccurrence
orient orientate, orientated, orientation, oriented, reorient, reorientation
parallel unparalleled
participate participant, participation, participatory
passive passively, passivity
period periodic, periodical, periodically
persist persistence, persistent, persistently, persisting
phenomenon phenomena, phenomenal
philosophy philosopher, philosophical, philosophically, philosophise, philosophising
precede preceded, precedence, precedent, preceding, unprecedented
precise imprecise, precisely, precision
predict predictability, predictable, predictably, prediction, unpredictable
predominant predominance, predominantly, predominate, predominating
presume presumably, presumed, presumption, presumptuous
principle principled, unprincipled
priority prioritisation, prioritise,
proceed procedural, procedure, proceedings, proceeds
process processed, processes, processing
professional professionally, professionalism
prohibit prohibited, prohibition, prohibitive
promote promoter, promotion
proportion disproportionate, proportional, proportionally, proportionate, proportionately
prospect prospective
rational irrational, rationalisation, rationalise, rationalism, rationality, rationally
react reaction, reactionary, reactive, reactivate, reactivation, reactor
recover recoverable, recovery
refine refined, refinement
regulate deregulated, deregulation, regulation, regulator, regulatory, unregulated
relevant irrelevance, irrelevant, relevance
reluctance reluctant, reluctantly
rely reliability, reliable, reliably, reliance, reliant, unreliable
remove removable, removal
reside residence, resident, residential
resolve resolution, resolved, unresolved
resource resourceful, resourcing, unresourceful, under-resourced
respond respondent, response, responsive, responsiveness, unresponsive
restore restoration, restored, restorative
restrain restrained, restraining, restraint, unrestrained
restrict restricted, restricting, restriction, restrictive, unrestricted, unrestrictive
retain retainer, retention, retentive
reveal revealing, revelation
reverse reversal, reversible, irreversible
revise revised, revision
revolution revolutionary, revolutionaries, revolutionise, revolutionising
rigid rigidity, rigidly
schedule reschedule, scheduled, scheduling, unscheduled
scheme schematic, schematically, scheming
secure insecure, insecurities, insecurity, securely, securities, security
select selected, selection, selective, selectively
sequence sequential, sequentially
sex sexism, sexual, sexuality
significant insignificant, insignificantly, significance, significantly, signify
similar dissimilar, similarity, similarly
simulate simulated, simulation
specify specifiable, specified, unspecified, specific, specification, specificity
sphere spherical
stable instability, stabilisation, stabilise, stabilising, stability, unstable
statistic statistician, statistical, statistically, statistics
structure restructure, restructuring, structural, structurally, structured, unstructured
submit submission, submissive
subordinate subordination, insubordination
subsidy subsidiary, subsidise, subsidised
substitute substitution
successor succession, successive, successively
sufficient sufficiency, insufficient, insufficiently, sufficiently
sum summation
supplement supplementary
survive survival, survivor
suspend suspended, suspension
sustain sustainable, sustainability, sustained, sustenance, unsustainable
symbol symbolic, symbolically, symbolise, symbolism
terminate terminal, termination
text textual
theme thematic, thematically
theory theoretical, theoretically, theorist
thesis theses
tradition traditional, traditionalist, traditionally
transfer transferable, transference
transit transition, transitional, transitory
uniform uniformity, uniformly
unify unification, unified, unifying
utilise utilisation, utiliser, utility, utilities
valid invalidate, invalidity, validate, validation, validity, validly
vary invariable, variability, variable, variably, variance, variant, variation, varied
visible visibility, visibly, invisible, invisibility
visual visualise, visualisation, visually


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Academic Word List word formation challenge game

Many more AWL games/ worksheets here.

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