Typical mistakes with English job applications discussion

Job applications typical mistakes

Choose one of the job application mistakes below and, without saying which one it is, describe how much, when, where and why you think it is a bad idea until your partners guess which one you are talking about. Do they agree with you?

Writing “Dear Sir or Madam” when you already know the name

Starting with “Dear Sir or Madam” and finishing with “Yours Sincerely”

Write “resume” at the top and then write the CV in British English

Write the name of the company you are applying for on your CV

Make unsupported statements about your personality

Be too shy or modest to mention your achievements

Blanks in your employment history

No job references

No reference from present employer

A handwritten CV

Nervous laughter

Asking how much holiday you will get at the interview

Asking about sick pay

A 20 page CV

A half page CV

Asking no questions when you are given the chance in the interview

Asking 20 questions when you are given the chance in the interview

Not knowing anything about the company you are applying for

A limp handshake

An overly forceful handshake

Slouching in your chair

Avoiding eye contact


PDF for easy saving and printing: JobApplicationMistakes

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