Things in common Past, present and future

Useful language for replying

(That’s amazing!)

(What a coincidence!)

(That’s so weird!)

(As you probably already knew/ guessed)

(You’re kidding!)

Me too/ Me neither ….?/ ….
So/ neither am









(I’m impressed)

(You surprise me)


(That’s unusual)

(Lucky you!)

(That’s interesting)

I am/ ‘m not

do/ don’t

can/ can’t

will/ won’t

have/ haven’t

had/ hadn’t

would/ wouldn’t

did/ didn’t

could/ couldn’t


Asking questions about the future

Ask questions about arrangements, plans and predictions.

Useful language

This afternoon/ evening/ Tonight

Later (on) today

Tomorrow (morning/ lunchtime/ afternoon/ evening/ night)

The day after tomorrow

Next week/ month/ year/ decade


In … minutes/ hours/ days/ weeks/ months/ years/ …

When/ As soon as you retire/ finish this course/ …

In  + month/ year/ decade/ …

At + time

On + day/ date


PDF for easy saving and printing: ThingsInCommonPastPresentFuture

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