New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 1 and 2 Vocabulary classroom questions

Work together to answer the following questions about vocabulary in this unit

How do you spell /ni:s/?

What does “hang out” mean?

What is the noun of “retire”?

What preposition goes together with “meet up”?

What is the difference between “play with my friends” and “go out with my friends”?

How do you pronounce “colleague”?

How many syllables does “stomach” have?

What is the stress in “acquaintance”?

What is the opposite of “gorgeous”?

Can you give me an example sentence with “gran” in it?

What is the vowel sound in “flirt”?

What is the fifth letter of “hideous”?

What’s another way to say “little brother”?

What are the two meanings of “smart”?

What are the two pronunciations of “leisure”?

How can you say “a text” in American English?

Test each other with different questions about the same words, e.g. on the pronunciation of “hideous”. (You change the questions, e.g. using “verb/ adverb/ adjective/ article” in the third question and fourth questions). Don’t look at the worksheet when you are the one being tested.

Do the same with the tricky vocabulary below

neighbour                                          the board                           

full name                             round here

originally                             a relative

aunt                                                  a flat

college                                              honest

incredible                                          poor thing

these days                                        fantastic

grow up                                             weird

Prague                                              absolutely

architecture                                       crazy about

anyway                                             look after

au pair                                              Scottish

terrible                                              pretty busy

nearby                                              unfriendly

come round (and see me/ you)            far too…

the travel industry                 set up

pleased                                             straightaway

guess                                               Sydney

twin                                                  send them my love

take care                             drop someone a line

keep in touch                                     flu

petrol                                                aspirin

washing machine                 so far

at the moment                                   smart

stepmother                                        daughter-in-law

the vast majority                  average

regularly                              exhausted

ready meals/ microwave meals/ TV dinners

PS                                                    participate in

Swedes                                             Finns

chat                                                  How are things?

a shame                              best friend

casual clothes                                   extended family

not bad                                             pensioner

to text (someone)

What are the typical classroom questions about these things? Work together to try and remember them, but don’t write them down.



verb/ adverb/ noun/ adjective/ preposition





example sentences



another way

together with

American/ British English

Test each other on the tricky Module 2 vocabulary below.

accurate                                            impressed

give someone a lift                             summer job

pay attention                                                   schoolyard

cry                                                                  frightened

exercise book                                                  neat and tidy

studious                                            don’t mind…

get the blame                                                  slot machine

fairground                                                        marble

remind                                                            appointment

learn by heart                                                  upset

recognise                                                        poem

plot                                                                 classmate

walk around                                                     stand in line

barman                                                           bump into

tracksuit                                            primary school

bully                                                               beat someone up

threaten                                            enthusiastic

embarrassing                                                   pocket money

furious                                                             terrified

arrest someone                                                abroad

gig                                                                  make an effort

bore someone                                                  interested in

struggle with                                                    focus on

memorable                                                      pat

unfit                                                                mental arithmetic

oxygen                                                            heart rate

puzzle                                                             lean meat


Choose one of the things above and explain which one you are thinking of without saying the words until your partner guesses which one it is. 


PDF version for easy printing: Cutting Edge Int Mod 1 and 2 Vocab classroom Qs 

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