Wallace and Gromit A Grand Day Out Infinitive of Purpose

Before watching, try to match up the sentence halves below:

1. Wallace reads some magazines…

2. Wallace goes to the kitchen…

3. He looks in the fridge…

4. He wants some cheese…

5. They are going to go to the moon…

6. Wallace goes down into the basement…

7. Wallace whistles…

8. Gromit stands under the door…

9. Gromit holds an umbrella…

10. Wallace runs out of the spaceship…

a) …to find some cheese.

b) …to find some cheese.

c) …to draw a spaceship.

d) …to make Gromit come.

e) …because there is lots of paint.

f) …to get some biscuits.

g) …to hold it still.

h) …to see where to go on holiday.

i) …to make a cup of tea.

j) …to put on his biscuits.

Try and complete the sentences below with your own ideas of why they do those things.

1. The rats put on some sunglasses…

2. Wallace hits the robot…

3. The robot takes out a baseball bat…

4. The robot grabs the ladder…

5. The robot lights a match…

6. The robot uses some metal…

Were any of the sentences you wrote above true? What should the true sentences be? (There are many different possible answers for each one)


PDF for easy saving and printing: Wallace and Gromit Infinitive of Purpose

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4 Responses to Wallace and Gromit A Grand Day Out Infinitive of Purpose

  1. Donna Sclater says:

    brilliant worksheet !!! You just saved me hours of work.
    Many thanks

  2. alexcase says:

    Very happy to help. Hope it went okay.

  3. toby pottas says:

    but where’re the videos for all these classes??

  4. alexcase says:

    Um, in a video shop, on Amazon, etc, etc, etc

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