Are they… or…? drawing games

SPEC 1 Unit 20 


Ask your partner to close their eyes and put two things of the same kind such as two plastic apples or two pens in your partner’s hands or in a bag on their lap. Ask “Are they… or…?” about those things. You get one point if they get the wrong answer.

Game 1

Secretly pick one of the sentences below and ask the question to the class. When your teacher starts the stopwatch, start drawing the thing that is underlined in the question on your card, preferably starting with parts which are different between the two things in the question. You have to draw with both hands at the same time (in other words with two pens, one in each hand) to make sure that your sentences match the “they” part of the question, and your partner can’t guess until you have at least started drawing both things. You can’t draw the background etc or write any words, letters or numbers, just the thing that is mentioned in the question.

Whenever your partner thinks that they can answer your question, they will shout “Stop!” They can then guess which thing you were drawing with the sentence “They are…” They get one point if they are right, but lose one point if they were wrong.

Game 2

Your partner will start drawing the underlined thing in one of the questions below, this time without saying anything, again with two pens, one in each hand. Your partner will shout “Stop!” and ask you a question with two options such as “Are they apples or oranges?” If either of the two options is correct, they get one point. However, if the thing that you are drawing is something different, they lose one point.

Game 3

Draw at least two identical objects for up to one minute and ask your partners “Are they… or…?” You get one point if your partner is wrong but the teacher guesses correctly.


Things to (cut up and) pick

Are they elephants or hippos?
Are they giraffes or horses?
Are they lions or tigers?
Are they pandas or bears?
Are they kangaroos or rabbits?
Are they crocodiles or snakes?
Are they zebras or giraffes?
Are they tigers or cheetahs?
Are they octopuses or spiders?
Are they dolphins or sharks?
Are they ducks or chickens?
Are they cats or dogs?
Are they cats or tigers?
Are they cows or horses?
Are they birds or fish?
Are they pigs or dogs?


Are they doctors or nurses?
Are they bus drivers or taxi drivers?
Are they office workers or doctors?
Are they police officers or fire fighters?
Are they grandfathers or grandmothers?
Are they fathers or grandfathers?



Are they combs or brushes?
Are they brushes or toothbrushes?
Are they pencils or pens?
Are they chairs or tables?
Are they erasers or whiteboard erasers?
Are they towels or mirrors?
Are they rulers or books?
Are they bags or pencil cases?


Are they apples or oranges?
Are they oranges or lemons?
Are they apples or peaches?
Are they oranges or watermelons?
Are they strawberries or pineapples?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Are they or drawing game

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