Cultural differences extended speaking

Narrative tenses and Present Simple practice with life events vocabulary 

Choose one of the topics below and talk about one particular time/ experience in as much detail as you can. Your partner will listen and ask for more details.

Ask about any topics you don’t understand or have never experienced, sharing your experiences as a class each time.

What cultural differences do you know about the things below?


 Cultural differences extended speaking topics

  • A (blind/ first/ group) date
  • A (church/ white/ traditional/ second) wedding (ceremony/ reception)
  • A (first/ 70th) birthday
  • A (formal) speech
  • A (housewarming/ retirement/ farewell) party
  • A (job/ second) interview
  • A (national/ school leaving) exam
  • A (Valentine’s Day/ birthday) gift
  • A (wedding) proposal
  • A (formal) banquet
  • A baptism/ A christening
  • A birth
  • A business meeting
  • A (religious) ceremony/ celebration
  • A divorce
  • A funeral/ A wake/ A memorial service
  • A hen night/ stag night/ bachelor party
  • A honeymoon
  • A hospital visit
  • A meal abroad/ A meal in a foreign restaurant
  • A negotiation
  • A night out
  • A pregnancy
  • A presentation
  • A sabbatical
  • A sickness/ An illness
  • A souvenir
  • A stay in a hotel/ A stay in a B&B
  • A stay with friends/ A stay with a host family
  • A visit to a hot springs resort
  • A visit to someone’s home
  • A visit to someone’s workplace
  • A(n) (golden/ silver/ diamond/ wedding) anniversary
  • An engagement
  • Buying a house/ Buying a flat/ Getting a mortgage
  • Coming of age day
  • First day at school/ First day at work/ First day at…
  • Graduation (ball)
  • Leaving home
  • Matchmaking
  • Maternity leave/ Paternity leave
  • Meeting someone (important/ who you’ve had other contact with/ related to your partner) for the first time
  • Moving house
  • Receiving some bad news
  • Seeing a traditional sport/ Taking part in a traditional sport
  • Welcoming guests


PDF for easy saving and printing: Cultural differences extended speaking New 24 February 2018

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