Good rules and bad rules

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Unit 11

Modals of obligation and prohibition

Choose a rule in this country or other places you know about and give your opinion on it. Does your partner agree?

Suggested topics:

– aeroplane/ airport

– bank

– bar/ pub

– beach/ sea

– bicycle/ cycle lane

– bus/ coach (= long distance bus)

– café

– campsite

– car/ road

– church/ cathedral/ mosque/ temple/ shrine

– countryside (e.g. woods or mountains)

– department store

– hospital/ clinic

– host family

– hotel/ B&B

– internet café

– karaoke bar

– library

– movie theater (= cinema)

– museum/ art gallery

– nightclub/ disco

– office building

– paperwork (e.g. identity papers)

– park/ public garden

– pharmacy (= chemist’s)

– post office

– public toilets

– school

– shopping centres/ malls

– spa/ hot springs

– stadium

– station

– student halls (= dorms)

– supermarket

– swimming pool/ gym/ sports centre

– tax

– theme park/ amusement park

– train

– university (e.g. in a lecture theatre or lab)

– visas

Are there any rules which particularly annoy you?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Good rules and bad rules

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