Work and leisure collocations with adverbs of frequency

Market Leader Elementary Unit 2

Adverbs of frequency ladder game

Ask your partner questions to get all the responses in the left-hand column below in that order, starting from “never”. If you get a different response, you have to start again from “never” each time, but you can use the same questions again if you can remember them.

Useful language for replying to “How often…? question


almost always




rarely/ seldom/ hardly ever

almost never


three times a day

twice a day

twice a week

once a week

once a month

once every three months

once a year

every day

every morning

every weekend

every Monday



Adverbs of frequency things in common

Try to find things in your work and leisure which you do exactly as often as your partner, responding with “Me too”, “Really, I…”, etc.


Adverbs of frequency boasting game

Try to find things which you do more often than your partner.

Ask any frequency expressions or actions you aren’t sure about.

Play the same or different games from above, this time just with the list of verbs to help.

Think of examples of each thing below and then put a verb in front of them:

+ ball sports

+ team sports

+ housework/ chores

+ …work

+ martial arts/ fighting

+ exercise (not sport)

+ fun activities ending with …ing

+ time/ money


What objects go with these nouns?

drive +

ride +

go on +

go out for +

travel +

watch +

work +

  • carry + food/ a tray/ something heavy/…
  • do + paperwork/ dangerous work/ dirty work/ physical work/ manual work/ overtime/…
  • do + judo/ karate/ kendo/ boxing/…
  • do + yoga/ aerobics/ cross training/…
  • do + housework/ the laundry/ the washing up/ the dishes/ DIY/…
  • draw + pictures/ buildings/ designs/…
  • drive + a car/ a van/ a lorry/ a tractor/ fast/ to work/…
  • fix (= mend/ repair) + machinery/ things
  • get + mail/ emails/ phone calls/ dirty/…
  • get up + early/ late/ on time/…
  • give + presentations/ speeches/…
  • go + skiing/ hiking/ camping/ skating/…
  • go on + business trips/ vacation/ holiday/…
  • go out + for lunch/ for dinner/ for a drink/ on a date/…
  • go to + the gym/ work/ conferences/ trade fairs/ trade shows/ concerts/ …
  • help/ look after + people/ children/ animals/ sick people/ babies/…
  • listen to + jazz/ the radio/ podcasts/ music/…
  • make + photocopies/ phone calls/…
  • meet + customers/ colleagues/ people/…
  • play + soccer/ sports/ ball games/ catch/ basketball/ badminton/ golf/…
  • play + computer games/ video games/ board games/ cards/ poker/…
  • play + the guitar/ the piano/…
  • read + emails/ reports/ manuals/ catalogues/ websites/ novels/ short stories/ the newspaper/ documents/…
  • relax + at home/ at the weekend/…
  • ride + a bicycle/ a motorbike/ a horse/…
  • send + emails/ packages/ letters/…
  • speak + English/ Chinese/ on the phone/ to…
  • spend + (a lot of) time…/ (a lot of) money/… dollars/ … hours/ …minutes/…
  • study + English/ foreign languages/ programming/ flower arranging/ a musical instrument/ the tea ceremony/…
  • take + a break
  • travel + abroad/ overseas/ for business/ to clients’ offices/ far/ by bullet train/…
  • use + a gun/ a computer/ special equipment/ special tools/ a smartphone/…
  • visit + customers/ people in their homes/ friends/ other towns/ other cities/ branches/ subsidiaries/ head office/…
  • watch + movies/ DVDs/ TV/ sports/ live sports/ the Premier League/…
  • wear + boots/ a uniform/ a helmet/ a suit/ a tie/ gloves/ smart clothes/ a hat/ a white coat/ casual clothes/ overalls/ an apron/ dirty clothes/ jeans/…
  • work + early (in the morning)/ late/ at night/ outdoors/ inside/ at a desk/ at weekends/ in the evening/ long hours/ on your feet/ on your own/ hard/ together/ at home/ flexible hours/ late/ for a … company/ as/ out/ from home/…
  • write + reports/ emails/ manuals/ code/ software/ apps/ accounts/…


Brainstorming stage

First of all without any help, write suitable collocations in each column below. Some verbs can go in both columns.

Verb + noun related to work Verb + noun related to leisure










































Use the verbs below to help with the brainstorming task above, adding suitable nouns. Some can be used in both columns.

  • carry
  • do
  • draw
  • drive
  • fix/ mend/ repair
  • get
  • get up
  • give
  • go
  • go on
  • go out
  • go to
  • help/ look after
  • listen to
  • make
  • meet
  • play
  • read
  • relax
  • ride
  • send
  • speak
  • spend
  • study
  • take
  • travel
  • use
  • visit
  • watch
  • wear
  • work
  • write


PDF for easy saving and printing: work and leisure with adverbs of frequency

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