Verb patterns SNAP Advanced

Landmark Advanced Unit 15.3

Afford Enjoy Remind
Agree Can’t stand Instruct
Appear Avoid Warn
Manage Spend time/ Waste time Allow
Offer Finish Command
Tend Don’t mind Force
Attempt Dread Tell
Arrange Look forward to Ask
Intend Get used to/ Be used to Invite
Plan Fancy Order
Refuse Consider Pay (= employ)
Aim Keep Urge
Hope Miss Inspire
Seem Detest Train (= teach)
Fail Loathe Persuade
Decide Appreciate Beg
Pretend Feel like Challenge
Learn Can’t help Hire

Extras in case you don’t want to practice any of the words above

Wish Deny
Carry on


PDF for easy saving and printing: VerbPatternsAdvancedSNAP

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  1. How do you play this?

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