The What I want Challenge game

Everybody Up 4 Unit 7

Students say a sentence with “want” and students compete to come up with the most desirable example of that thing (either drawing and then explaining, or just speaking). Students should also use “want” in their answers, e.g. “I think you want a Furby”.

“I want to read a book”


“I want to buy some stationery”


“I want to watch a movie”


“I want to buy some clothes”


“I want a superpower”


“I want to be able to do magic”


“I want to change my hairstyle”


“I don’t want to walk to school”


“I want to buy a pet”


“I want to cook something”


“I want to make a present for my father”


“I want to help my mother”


“I want to live in the future”


“I want to live in the past”


“I want to be better at sport”


“I want a fun summer holiday”


“I want to take a trip this weekend”


“I want to eat something that I’ve never tried”


“I want to have a party”


“I want to go abroad”


“I want to be a cartoon character”


“I want to be a princess”


“I want a new toy”


“I want new clothes”


“I want to be pretty”


“I want a new pet”


“I want to decorate my bedroom”


“I want to move house”


“I want to put something in my garden”


“I want to improve this classroom”


“I want to buy something electronic”


PDF version for easy printing: What I want challenge game

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