A festival, ceremony or celebration extended speaking

Student A

Choose one festival, ceremony or celebration in your family, hometown, region or country, or one from elsewhere that you know a lot about. Speak about it for as long as you can, adding as much detail as possible. Your partner will just listen to you and tick off the topics you talk about without interrupting. When you show that you have nothing left to say they will ask you questions about any relevant topics that you didn’t mention.

Useful language

I’m going to talk about

I’ve chosen to speak about

I’d like to present

I think I’ve covered everything.

That’s all I can think of to say.

Any questions?

—————————————(cut here)———————————————–

A festival, ceremony or celebration extended speaking

Student B

Listen to your partner giving a mini-presentation about a festival, ceremony or celebration without interrupting (unless they say something you just don’t understand). Tick off the topics they mention below, then when they are clearly finished ask them extra questions, e.g. about relevant topics that haven’t been ticked off.

 Time, e.g. dates, days, how long it lasts

 Food and drink

 Clothing

 Objects, e.g. decorations

 Greetings/ What you say

 People

 Presents/ Cards

 Meanings behind things/ Reasons for doing things, e.g. good luck

 History, e.g. when it started/ when it became popular

 Well-known?/ Famous?

 Variations, e.g. by family, by individual or by region

 Similarities and differences to others, e.g. celebrations in other countries

 Expense (= Cost)

 Personal experience of it

 Personal feelings about it

 Other people’s feelings about it, e.g. who it is popular with

 How it has changed/ How it is changing, and feelings about that

 Favourite things about it/ The best things about it

 Things you would change about it/ Least favourite things about it

 Different for different people, e.g. children and adults?

 Reasons for choosing this topic


PDF for easy saving and printing:Festival celebration extended speaking

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