Second conditional supernatural error correction and discussion

With a partner, correct the questions below. There is one grammatical error in each question:

1. If someone offer to tell you your future, would you want to know?

2. If there was a holiday in a haunted house available, would you paid money to go there?

3. If your friend tolds you they had seen a ghost, would you believe them?

4. If you heard strange noises at night, would you believing it was a ghost?

5. Would you want to came back as a ghost if you could?

6. Would you communicate with the dead if you could it?

7. What you do if you wanted to make your brother or sister believe there was a ghost in the house?

8. If someone would tell you a ghost story just before you went to sleep, would you have nightmares?

9. If there was a graveyard that everyone said was haunted, will you go into it at midnight for a dare?

10. If you were a ghost, who you would haunt?

11. If you thought your house is haunted, what would you do?

12. If you see a television documentary about ghosts, would you believe it?

Ask and answer some of the corrected questions above


PDF for easy saving and printing: 2nd cond supernatural

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4 Responses to Second conditional supernatural error correction and discussion

  1. gabino barreda monterrosa says:

    Sentences themselves contain grammar errors. Is is kind of disappointing to try to use them with our students..

  2. alexcase says:

    Um, that’s the whole point. They correct the errors, then ask each other the corrected questions.

  3. alondra francisca says:

    first we would have to correct the errors and then they can already ask or answer the questions

  4. Eddie says:

    Jaysus it says it in the title, error correction! for me, at least, it has served a purpose and been rather useful. Cheers!

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