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Three new kinds of TEFL board game

I came up with the first of these as part of my trivia quizzes boom, and used it to make this narrative tenses board game. Students work their way around a board game by guessing numbers. On each square they … Continue reading

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Good and taboo questions (TEFLtastic Classics Part 49)

Updated 27 September 2021 The best thing you can teach students about almost any language point is how to ask and answer the kinds of questions related to that language which people really ask each other. However, doing just this … Continue reading

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48 trivia quizzes for EFL students (TEFLtastic Classics Part 44)

Updated 1 June 2021 When I was posting my list of the best of 2020, I noticed that a couple of the top ones were trivia quizzes and thought I should make sure that I had linked to them from … Continue reading

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TEFLtastic Classics update

Updated 9 September 2021 My last post was mostly of a promise of things to come, so I thought I’d prove that it was worth coming back with an update on how many links my other TEFLtastic Classics posts have … Continue reading

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Mix and match (TEFLtastic Classics Part 43)

Updated 23 June 2021 This has been by far the most popular activity in my young learner classes recently. I’ve often used the classic picture book (Do You Like) Ketchup on Your Cornflakes?, in which the top and bottom halves … Continue reading

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Linking learner training and specific language points

I was wondering recently why my learner training page isn’t more popular, because what could be better than getting students to discuss how to learn a language while also practising the language point of the day? Then when I actually … Continue reading

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Social distancing variations on TEFLtastic classics

I was planning to do a whole blog post or article on how to play classic TEFL games online and/ or with maximum distancing in the classroom. However, with 42 activities to both work out how to use in my … Continue reading

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Grammar practice drawing games

Have just rearranged my list of 80 drawing game PDFs to be more organised by individual topic, and there were enough grammar ones for enough different language points to be worth a post all of their own. Will also expand … Continue reading

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Dice games for specific language points (TEFLtastic classics part 16 revisited)

A sudden surge in popularity for my posts on small talk and talking about your week and weekend for specific language points has inspired me to rearrange my list of EFL dice game PDFs so that it is now organised … Continue reading

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Discussing your week(end) to practise particular language (TEFLtastic Classics 42)

This is a combination of two recent posts, being a particular kind of small talk to practise different kinds of language, and also a classic but difficult to find page.  Discussing your week and weekend to practise grammar Discussing your … Continue reading

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