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TEFL reversi/ TEFL Othello (TEFLtastic classics part 26)

Updated 5 April 2017 This is a revival of a long-running series of posts on TEFL activities that are so good and so adaptable that you have to stop yourself from using them too much. For the 25 other instalments, see here. Like … Continue reading

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34 EFL finding things in common games (TEFLtastic classics part 25)

with 10 photocopiable worksheet versions. I seem to have completely forgotten about this activity for a couple of years, perhaps because it’s just so simple, but it’s recently become my favourite again. Students use the language point of the day … Continue reading

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37 EFL bluffing games/ EFL lying games (TEFLtastic Classics Part 24)

Updated 29 September 2016 Article on EFL lying/ bluffing games Q&A Lying games Photocopiable lying/ bluffing classroom activities Country and nationality words statements bluffing game – NEW Basic personal questions coin bluffing game Nationality words like and don’t like bluff Food and … Continue reading

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61 EFL board games

Updated 23 February 2015. Article 19 simple, fun and effective ESL board games Photocopiables Meeting people criteria board game – NEW Countable and uncountable categories and examples board game Uncountable categories with countable examples personalised speaking board game Dealing with requests … Continue reading

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Pick and draw – TEFLtastic Classics Part 22

Updated 11 December 2014 This is the newest and simplest of the drawing games I mentioned in my last post, especially suitable for students who are learning to read and/ or who need help putting together basic sentences, mainly meaning … Continue reading

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EFL taboo topics games (TEFLtastic classics Part 21)

Cultural training, loads of useful real-life speaking, and in one version a great way to contrast tenses. Students rank some questions and/ or topics from 1 point for great even with complete strangers to 5 points for completely taboo. They then ask each other … Continue reading

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The Simplest Responses Game (TEFLtastic classics Part 20)

Updated 2 February 2016 This is one of the games that I use most of all and it’s only taken me this long to write about it because I couldn’t think of a good name for it. I think this … Continue reading

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Key words card games (TEFLtastic classics Part 19)

This is another game which will feature prominently in my upcoming article in EtP magazine on getting students to use more complex language. Students are given a pack of cards with key words for one or more functions on them, … Continue reading

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Longer phrases card games (TEFLtastic Classics Part 12 reprised)

Updated 26 July 2016 This is one of the chief games in an upcoming article of mine in English Teaching Professional mag on getting students to develop their range of functional language rather than just saying “I think…” “I agree” … Continue reading

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Random pelmanism (TEFLtastic classics Part 18)

Pelmanism (also called “the memory game” or “pairs”) is the classic TEFL card game in which students try to find matching pairs of cards from the pack spread face down across the table, just as you can try to find … Continue reading

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