Frequency expressions answer me game

Teacher’s instructions

Photocopy and cut out the sheet below so there are enough cards for at least 5 cards per student. Deal them out randomly, but so that each person in a pair has the same number of cards. They should look at all their cards, but keep them secret from their partner.

Student A must ask Student B a question so that Student B give the response on one of Student A’s cards, e.g.

Student A: “How often do you wash your face”

Student B: “Once a week”

Student A: (puts card saying “Once a week“ face up on the table) “I score one point! Now it’s your turn”


Student A: (doesn’t have the card “Once a week” in his or her hand, so can’t place any cards down) “Really? I don’t have that card. Now it’s your turn”

The first person with no cards left in their hand or the person with least cards left when the teacher stops the game is the winner.


Frequency expressions answer me game

Cards to cut up


Once a week

Twice a week

Three times a week

Four times a week

Once a day

Twice a day

Three times a day

Four times a day

Once a month

Twice a month

Three times a month

Four times a month



Hardly ever

Not often





Almost always


Once every two days

Once every three months

Once a month


Once every six months

Not often


Once a year


PDF for easy saving and printing: frequency expressions answer me game Int

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