All grammar games/ activities pages A to Z

As part of the on-going reorganisation of TEFLtastic, am trying to make a complete list of the games/ worksheets index pages. That’s taking longer than I thought, but have done it for the most popular pages, namely grammar:

Other grammar points (A to Z)


Adverbs of frequency


Can/ Can’t

Comparatives and superlative adjectives


Conjunctions games/ worksheets – See Linking Expressions below

Continuous aspect

Count/ Non-count – See Countable and Uncountable Nouns below

Countable and uncountable nouns

Dependent prepositions


-ed and -ing adjectives page

First conditional

Future continuous

Future desires

Future forms games/ worksheets – See Future Tenses below

Future plans games/ worksheets – See Going To below

Future tenses

Get something done games/ worksheets – See Have Something Done below

Going to

Gradable and extreme adjectives

Have/ Have got

Have something done/ Get something done

Indirect speech games/ worksheets – See Reported Speech below

Infinitive of purpose

It is/ They are

Linking expressions

Modals of obligation, prohibition and permission

Modals of probability/ possibility/ deduction

Modal verbs

Mixed conditionals

Narrative tenses games/ worksheets – See Past Tenses below

Passive voice

Past Continuous page

Past Perfect page

Past Perfect Simple games/ worksheets – See Past Perfect above

Past Progressive games/ worksheets – See Past Continuous above

Past Simple page

Past tenses

Perfect aspect

Plans games/ worksheets – See Going To above


Possessive adjectives games/ worksheets

Possessive S games/ worksheets

Predictions games/ worksheets – See Will below


Prepositions of location – See Prepositions of Position below

Prepositions of movement

Prepositions of position

Prepositions of time

Present Continuous

Present Continuous for arrangements

Present Perfect

Present Perfect and Simple Past

Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect Simple – See Present Perfect above

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

Present Simple

Present Simple and Continuous

Present tenses

Question formation

Relative clauses

Reported speech/ Indirect speech

Second conditional

Simple Past games/ worksheets – See Past Simple above

Simple Past/ Present Perfect – See Present Perfect and Simple Past above

Subject questions

Tense reviews

There is/ are/ was/ were

They are – See It is/ They are above

Third conditional

Third person S

This/ that/ these/ those

Time expressions games, worksheets, stories and songs

Unreal past

Verb patterns

Want/ Want to

Zero conditional

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Lots of new opposites

My new favourite topic is teaching opposites, starting with the obvious hot-cold and big-little, but then using that simple idea to teach gradable and extreme adjectives, comparatives, appearance words, verbs, and all sorts. Two new articles and many worksheets on my much expanded page here:

Opposites games, worksheets, stories and songs


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New Teaching First Classes page

Not particularly good timing, but as part of the continuing polishing up of my Classroom Materials pages, have created a page of relevant links to articles and worksheets on needs analysis, language reviews, discussing language learning experience and tips, etc:

First lessons games, worksheets and teaching tips

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Links all (?) fixed

While fixing the several hundred links to the articles mentioned below, I also found a whole load more broken links to fix, to which I have two reactions:

“So sorry!”


“Why did no one tell me???”

Anyway, it’s now been a couple of days since anyone clicked on a broken link, so I seem to have more or less sorted the problem out, but please let me know here or on the relevant page if anything else sends you to the wrong place.

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Thanks to a reader comment, I’ve just noticed that all of my articles on have slightly different addresses. I’m going through one by one trying to mend the links, and if you find any please let me know and I’ll fix those ones asap.

In the meantime you’ll just get an error message if you click on a broken link. However, you can easily end up at the right place by googling the name of the article (maybe with my name or the name of the site) or the original address.

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New teaching material pages winter 2016/17

As part of the big reorganisation mentioned below, created a fair few new index pages full of lots of lovely worksheets. Here they are, A to Z:

Auxiliary verbs page

Cambridge Proficiency Speaking page

ed and ing adjectives page

ESP page

Extended speaking page

Financial English page

Future desires page

Gradable and extreme adjectives page

History page

HR vocabulary page

IELTS Writing Part One line graph tasks page

IELTS Academic Writing Part One map tasks page

Keynote Intermediate page

Listening page

Offers page

PC language page

Relationships vocab page

Requests page

Shopping language page

Speaking page

Storytelling page

Topics page

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TEFLtastic teaching materials now much easier to find

Updated 22 March 2017

Thanks to the kind (and hopefully satisfied) people who bought a copy of my book, I’ve been able to turn down some particularly undesirable cover lessons and instead finally spend some serious time on sorting out TEFLtastic, starting with the naming and location of the index pages.

All pages now have the standard naming format “… games/ worksheets”, so Googling your chosen topic followed by that (e.g. “Business idioms games/ worksheets”) plus maybe the name “TEFLtastic” should hopefully bring a relevant page up (Google usually being preferable to the actual TEFLtastic search function).

If that doesn’t work, I’ve also sorted out the index pages so that they are in more logical locations and simplified the top worksheets page so that it only includes the main pages, which are now:

Classroom materials main index pages, in alphabetical order

Academic English (EAP) games/ worksheets

British and American English games/ worksheets – NEW PAGE

Business English games/ worksheets

Cultural training games/ worksheets for EFL classes

Cutting Edge games/ worksheets

EFL exams games, worksheets, videos and teaching tips

English File 1 games/ worksheets

English for architects games/ worksheets

English for artists games/ worksheets

English for designers games/ worksheets

English for landscape designers and gardeners games/ worksheets

English for Specific Purposes games/ worksheets

First lessons games/ worksheets – COMING SOON

Functional language games/ worksheets

Grammar games/ worksheets

Inside Out games/ worksheets

Japanese learners of English games/ worksheets

Korean learners of English games/ worksheets

Landmark Advanced games/ worksheets

Learner training games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Legal English games/ worksheets

Listening games/ worksheets

Medical English games/ worksheets

Natural English Intermediate games/ worksheets

Needs analysis games/ worksheets – NEW LINK

New Headway Pre-Intermediate games/ worksheets

Numbers games, worksheets, stories and songs for EFL learners

Presentations games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Pronunciation games/ worksheets

Reading games/ worksheets

Songs and music games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Speaking games/ worksheets

Teacher training games/ worksheets for TEFL teachers

Technical English/ English for engineers games/ worksheets

Topic-based games/ worksheets

Teleconferencing and video conferencing games/ worksheets page

Telephoning games, worksheets, articles and e-book

Time expressions games, worksheets, stories and songs

Travel and tourism games/ worksheets

Trends games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Video games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Vocabulary games/ worksheets

Writing games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Young learner games, worksheets, flashcards, stories and songs for EFL learner

Clicking on those categories and then the subcategories on them (e.g. “EFL exam games/ worksheets” then “FCE games/ worksheets” then “FCE writing games/ worksheets”) should quickly bring you to a page full of the kind of stuff you need. Alternatively, you can use the dropdown menus under the photo above in the same way. These also now work slightly better given the better organisation and the fact that after 10 years I finally worked out how to list all the pages alphabetically…

If there’s anything you can’t find, please leave a comment here. And if you’d like to help me find time to do some more work on the site, please support TEFLtastic.

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How to really teach interrupting – don’t!

Teaching business meetings and academic discussions to Japanese learners means sooner or later having to deal with their real weak point – turn taking. I’ve therefore slowly built up what could well be the most comprehensive selection of teaching turn taking materials on the web, with loads of nice phrases, a mix of controlled and freer speaking activities, and even quite a few games.

Just one problem with all that – none of it has ever actually worked.

Over the years I’ve consoled myself with that classic thought after every failed PPP or TTT lesson, that by raising awareness I could perhaps be planting a seed that will sprout long after they have left my class. However, recently I’d come to the conclusion that the best approach was avoiding lessons on the topic turn taking until teaching technology includes personality transplants for students. Until, that was, a bizarre confluence of different influences all came together to make this lesson:

Things to do when you interrupt

I went in thinking it might be worth one last try, and like some Hollywood movie that final desperate roll of the dice only went and worked… My Japanese students happily interrupted each other all through the class, and some of it even lasted to the following class too.

Not sure yet what lessons to draw from that, but will share any musings or conclusions here as they pop into my head.

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New year, new name – (just) TEFLtastic

Although TEFLtastic was started up simply to help the owner/ editor of try out his (now long gone) blogging platform for teachers, I slowly worked out that I could host a whole site with the help of WordPress, and that worksheets were a lot more useful and welcome than navel gazing and attempts at humour. I therefore haven’t actually blogged for a while and was only keeping the name “TEFLtastic blog” out of habit and maybe the idea that I could dismiss all complaints about no answer keys etc with “What do you expect? It’s just a blog!”

Well, with thousands of pages of classroom materials and other publications and no actual blogging, it’s not just a blog, nor even a blog at all… So, from now on I will respond to all criticism with “Well, you get what you pay for!” and the name of the “site” is just:


Not having the word “blog” will hopefully also make it less embarrassing to look at in the teachers’ room.

If you’d like to take away my final excuse for less than perfect service, please Support TEFLtastic.

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The best of 2016 – TEFL worksheets

Photocopiable classroom activities that I’d definitely use again, in no particular order:

Good & Bad Travel English Responses (like TOEIC listening with typical, and often amusing, mistakes and confusions)

Reported Speech Extended Speaking

Reported Speech Memory Challenge

Idioms Reversi Game

Vocabulary for describing British life list dictation

Fast food vocabulary roleplays

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie First Conditional stories

Travel English Telephone, Email and Face-to-Face Dice Game

Explaining food vocabulary defining relative clauses practice

Countable and Uncountable compare your days and weeks

Clothes and accessories random pelmanism

Concession and addition coin game 

Strong and weak opinions coin game 

Prepositions of position dice games

Giving opinions on music (with music vocabulary)

Opinions on architecture (with architecture vocabulary)

Opinions on art (with art vocabulary)

Environment generalisations and recommendations (with useful language for writing reports)

Health and exercise generalisations (with useful language for writing reports)

Prepositions Stacking Game

“Like” and “Be Like” Games

Family Extended Speaking & Active Listening Practice

Defining Relative Clauses Personalised Speaking Practice

Improving your English Discussion Verb Patterns practice

Describing Common Objects Passive Voice game

Country and Nationality Statements Bluffing Games

Like & Would Like Food Roleplay Dialogue

Different Ways of Learning English Relative Clause Practice

Newspapers and News Opinions and Vocabulary

Cambridge Proficiency sentence transformations reversi game

Country and nationality words reversi

Movies Vocabulary and Self-Study Discussion

Do You Like Animals Personalised Random Pelmanism Card Game

Be and Have for Describing Appearances games

Basic Personal Questions Coin Bluffing Game

Subject Questions Free Speaking

Reported Questions Games

Learning and Using English Extended Speaking with Subject Questions

Recommending arts and media

Body Idioms problems and solutions presentation and speaking

Third Person Statements Bluffing Coin Game

Will for Spontaneous Decisions getting reactions speaking game

Opposites Hangman Spelling and Guessing Game

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Use of English Part 4 Sentence Transformation Hangman

Dealing with problems and complaints- step by step roleplays

Travel English Simplest Responses and Key Words Games

Future tenses in telephoning roleplays and grammar presentation

Small talk after not meeting for a while


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